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Tokyo MetPod Interview: American Idol Star, Scott MacIntyre, Coming to Tokyo!

2010/03/30 23:00 Media Coverage, Music Events

On March 30th, 2010 Tyler Foundation president, Kim Forsythe, was interviewed on the Metropolis Magazine podcast, known as “MetPod“, by friend and long-time Tyler Foundation supporter, Kamisami Kong about the upcoming concert with American Idol star Scott MacIntyre.

You can download the audio file here: (Download MP3, 2.9 MB)

Below is the interview transcription.



KONG: American Idol star Scott MacIntyre is coming to Tokyo for a special performance. Details coming up in this, your daily three-minute fast moving MetPod radio and video report for Tuesday, March 30th, 2010, right here on 76.1 InterFM. Today, our MetPod navigators Sarah Cortina and Lauren Shannon are talking with Kim Forsythe of the Tyler Foundation.

FEMALE: Welcome!

KIM: Thank you very much.

FEMALE: So I hear you have a really big artist that’s coming to perform in Tokyo really soon. Is that right?

KIM: We are. We’re very excited about this collaboration. It’s Scott MacIntyre. He was one of the ten finalists in last year’s American Idol and he’s going to join with the Tyler Foundation to have a concert at Billboard Live, Tokyo on April 11th.

FEMALE: Oh, wow!

KIM: Two concerts, actually. One in the afternoon, so it’s child appropriate. Families can come; and then one in the evening as well.

FEMALE: Now, Kim, for our listeners that don’t know about the Tyler Foundation, can you tell us a little bit about what you do and why you do it?

KIM: We aim to support children in Japan with cancer in their families. I lost my son, Tyler, to cancer about five years ago now and that experience of being in the hospital in Japan for two years as we went through that ordeal inspired us to create something to change what’s considered normal here in Japan as far as patient support. And we’re getting a lot of inspiration from hospitals overseas and also just taking what’s happening here in Japan and adapting it so we can just make a complete change and improve quality of life for families and patients.

FEMALE: And you’ve done some fantastic American Idol versions of your own here – the 2007 Tokyo Shine On! Idol event was awesome!

KIM: Yeah, two years ago, and in fact, our very own Kong was one of the judges.

FEMALE: Yes, I know. It was great. You’ve done some great events and we– I really respect what you’re doing and you are getting the word out and I’m really looking forward to this concert, so.

KIM: Thanks!

FEMALE: Do you have a favorite song that Scott MacIntyre does? Do you know much about his music?

KIM: Well, you know, his new CD is just coming out. It’s called “Heartstrings” and it’s available on iTunes and I’ve given a listen and I think, one thing that’s nice about it is it’s all very, I don’t want to say word “pure”, but it’s just him and it’s his passion and his musicianship coming through and that’s what I really, I think it’s great about him.

FEMALE: That sounds great.

KIM: Yeah.

FEMALE: Scott MacIntyre at Billboard Live. How can people buy tickets for this?

KIM: Yes. This is a private event organized by the Tyler Foundation. Thanks to Billboard Live whose people have to contact us directly for tickets. Best way is to go to our website, www.TylerShineOn.org. April 11th at 4 o’clock, April 11th at 7 o’clock; two shows and it’s a great venue and a really special way to be able to see Scott and support us as well.

MALE: You can always keep up with what’s happening in Tokyo, like checking out our podcast. It’s called the MetPod, the Tokyo MetPod!

[Music played]

MALE: The Tokyo MetPod. It’s all about life in Tokyo at www.MetPod.com.

KONG: And join us every morning for the MetPod Radio Report. I’m Kamasami Kong on 76.1 InterFM.