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Dominic Allen

2011/07/22 15:23 Featured Volunteers

DJ Dominic Allen

We are excited to present to you an interview with the one and only Dominic Allen, who has graciously agreed to volunteer as our DJ for our White Hot Extravaganza gala event to be held at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo on September 30th.



Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Tokyo to a German-Italian mom and a British dad and attended international schools in Tokyo, where I have lived for most of my life. I graduated with a Bachelor in Economics from Temple University and work for NHK World on a TV program called “Imagine-Nation” that introduces the latest in Japanese computer games, anime and manga. I am also an avid music fan and work as an artist coordinator at music festivals such as Fuji Rock, Summer Sonic, Loudpark and others. I was also a DJ for Japan Airlines for 4 years and spin a variety of styles at a broad range of functions and events, from embassy parties and hotel functions to outdoor electronic music festivals and clubs. My hobbies include traveling, horticulture and riding big scooters.

DJ Dominic Allen

How did you get involved with the Tyler Foundation?

I had met Kim through work a couple of years ago and became interested in her foundation. As a result, I spun as a DJ at a Tyler Foundation event at a children’s hospital for kids living with cancer and was extremely moved by the experience.

What message would you give to others who want to support the Tyler Foundation?

Never hesitate in donating time or resources in helping out kids with cancer as it’s the least we can do for a merciless disease that can affect anyone.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to go to the beach, enjoy camping in the mountains and frequent as many onsen as possible!

I firmly believe that volunteering is a genuinely rewarding experience that can be beneficial to all parties involved and the act of drawing a continuous thread through the fissures of adversity is the key attraction that makes me want to do something helpful. For example, after the devastating earthquake in March in Japan, I went up to volunteer removing tsunami debris in a hard hit village about 40 km’s south of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant. The experience was not only beneficial to the residents of the village, but also instrumental in me overcoming my fears at the time about radiation in general. Volunteering paved the way for this catharsis and is something that will always remain within.

Can you tell us about Black List Tokyo?

Black List Tokyo was established in December 2005 by Cedric and Beno, two Frenchmen with a passion for luxurious parties and good community. Operating in Tokyo’s newest and most luxurious clubs, and delivering a deluxe vibe of the trendy French club scene, Black List is infamous for being Tokyo’s premier “guest-list only” event organization group. Featuring the best in internationally renowned deep house and electro music, and in order to guarantee a super trendy crowd and environment, all parties are made exclusive to Black List members and their closest friends, attracting Tokyo’s top executives, celebrities, and high-end press.

I recently became an official representative DJ for Black List Tokyo and spin at all their events. I also help out with promotion, music production, event coordination and related projects and look forward to helping spread Black List Tokyo’s aural vision throughout Asia and beyond. I also DJ for them at MIXX Bar and Lounge at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel every Thursday. The next big Black List Tokyo events will be held at the Peninsula Hotel, Le Baron de Paris and XEX Nihonbashi.



Black List Tokyo kindly supports the Tyler Foundation by placing our donation boxes at their events and sharing information about our organization with its members. Thank you, Black List Tokyo!

For more information on Black List Tokyo and their events, please see www.blacklisttokyo.com