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Shine On! Christmas Party, 2011 “Seeing their smiling faces, gave me hope to go forward”.

2012/01/16 20:00 Christmas Events, Shine On! House

Shine On! House Christmas party

What the parents said:

“The Kids Program: Seeing the mothers and kids who made magic and played the quiz games and all the smiling faces made me happy. Hearing the laughter in the room was great!”

“When I met Santa: My son was glued to him (smile). Thank you for organizing. I had a really great time.”

“Before the party started, I was excited. Making maracas, singing songs, practicing my magic everyday. After Santa Claus came and gave presents to everyone and we lit the candles and ate cake it was a really fun Christmas Party.”

Event Report

The main participants today were family and children. The children made maracas out of water bottles that they filled with popcorn seeds and then decorated the outside with colorful tape and stickers. These maracas weren’t just instruments but could be used as microphones and to make clapping noises.

We asked the children what they were giong to do with their maracas:

One child responded,  “ I am going to do magic.” So the little girl waved her arm, and then, the picture book disappeared! She did it again and the rope became a stick! Everyone cheered loudly with their maracas.

Next, the kids on stage performed with a Koto that was more than two meters long. Everyone was really impressed to see a real Koto. A friend who’s sister also participated, sang songs and shook a bell. Children brought instruments from home like castanets and maracas and performed for everyone. Even some parents participated in the performace.

The kids performed with such enthusiasm at the Shine on House, it was an overwhelming joyous experience.

During the banquet, the bell in the hallway rang. What? There’s still more people coming? We all went to the hallway to see who it was and there was Santa Claus in a red-suit!! Santa Claus passed out presents to the children and parents.

After, each child was given a round sponge to decorate. Than these sponges were added to the Decoration Cake. At each table we lit candles. While the candles burned, one participant’s mother spoke. “Today the children performed with happy smiling faces. Seeing their smiling faces, gave me hope to go forward”.

All the participant’s mothers and fathers nodded in agreement. Everyone at the Christmas Party had a really wonderful time. Thank you everyone for participating and also a thank you to Santa Claus.