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Daniel McIntyre Shines On! in 2012

2012/08/22 18:43 Challengers, Shine On! Challenges

Daniel McIntyre will climb Mt.Fuji in this year’s Shine On! Fuji Challenge on September 1st to raise money for Shine On! Beads of Courage Program, which helps children to record, tell, and own their stories of courage during their cancer treatment.


Name: Daniel McIntyre
Self Introduction: I am a long-term resident of Japan from the U.S. I try to cycle regularly to maintain aerobic fitness. I have lived and worked in Kyoto, Fujisawa, Joetsu (Niigata), and central Tokyo. My principal bases in the U.S. are San Francisco and Kansas City.
Date of Birth: November 28, 1952
Place of Birth: Paola, Kansas, U.S.A
Blood Type: O
Hobbies/interests: Bicycles, photography, writing, Sociocultural Theory
Favorite Food: Red hot chili peppers


Pre-Climb Interview!

Why have you chosen to climb in the Shine On! Fuji Challenge?

I have worked with youth in Japan in educational settings for several years. I will probably relocate to the U.S. in the near future. I have performed some tasks here that I consider accomplishments, but climbing Fuji is not yet one of them. I learned of the work of the Tyler Foundation from Halt-Fast Cycling. I hope that climbing Fuji will enable me to contribute to their work, to express my thanks for the current good health of my own children, and to make my experience of Japan more complete.

Do you have a message for your supporters?

I strongly encourage everyone to contribute to the work of the Tyler Foundation by participating in this climb, especially experienced mountaineers. As an alternative, please support at least one of the challengers. The love you take is equal to the love you make.

Thank You, Daniel!

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