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Team Beads of Courage – Team – Project Alien

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Team Beads of Courage – TEAM –

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Project Alien

Cycling – Mie, Japan
Founders Ian Simpson and David Eggen choose to support Shine On! Kids to help them keep them motivated and to raise awareness of a disease that’s affected both of their families.


Team Project Alien

2012 – Japan
On September 9th Project Alien members rode in this years Toba Shimasen 95km and 130 km fun ride in Mie Prefecture to raise money for Shine On! Kids. The members who rode 95kms this year are Tomomi Hoshikawa, Takashi Toyoda, Masaki Ishida, Jon Richards, Alvin Gounder, Chris Loeber, Kenny King, Ian Simpson, and David Eggen. The two riders who rode 130 kms are Takao Deguchi, and Atsushi Iwao.


Ian Simpson and David Eggen with Shine On! staff member, Joy Fajardo

2011 – Japan
Project Alien rode in the 75 km Toba-Shima-Sen Cycle Marathon on September 11, 2011 and raised ¥100,000
“We founded a cycling club last year with the aim of improving our fitness and hopefully losing some weight!! We found that the training and racing was both physically and mentally very hard. We decided therefore that if we were going to push our bodies and mental toughness to the limit, then it would be to do it for a worthy cause. We have both lost close family and friends to cancer and decided that raising money for cancer research would be a motivating cause. We had heard of “The Tyler Foundation” from a friend and contacted them to see if we could help. We were impressed with their set up and the way they helped many sick children in and around Japan. We therefore decided that we wanted to race with the motivation of helping children with cancer. We also hope that next year that we can become involved with the Team Beads of Courage Program. Ride on!!”
~ David Eggen and Ian Simpson