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Shine On! Kids Bead Design Challenge 2013

2013/07/12 16:51 Beads of Courage®

If courage, hope, joy, laugh and love were a bead, what would it look like?


BDCimage Wanting to further honor the creativity and courage of the children, families and clinicians who participate in the Beads of Courage Program ®, we are asking the children we support to design a bead!The children in our Beads of Courage Program ® are fighting a long and difficult battle, and the program has always been about honoring their courage. However, they exemplify more than just courage. They show hope, joy, laughter and love.

So we are asking the children, their families and the hospitals in our programs, if these 5 qualities, courage, hope, joy, laugh and love, were a bead, what would it look like?

Selected Japanese glass bead artists will then be chosen to bring to life a few of the designs expressing these qualities. Expressing the very heart of the program from those who are in the program.

FCA Japan Ltd. Thank you to FCA Japan for bringing to life a challenge that furthers the goals of both Shine On! Kids and our Beads of Courage® Program.
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2013 Final Designs