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David Escalante Curiel Shines On!

2014/01/24 01:53 Challengers


David Escalante Curiel

Place of Birth – Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico
Hobbies/interests – Run, Music, Movies, BBQ, Sports, RC, Friends
Self Introduction – A Mexican living in Tokyo for almost half of my life, and have not plans to go anywhere for the rest of it. Married and father of two gorgeous daughters. Loves to run and any activity that requires challenge. Is in my nature to help and serve others, thanks to my folks who taught me that by example. This time the challenge will be to finish in 3:45 together with my sister!! and raise 100,000 JPY or 1,000 Dlls


Race Name – 2014 Tokyo Marathon
Kind of race – Marathon

Pre-Race Interview

Why have you chosen to carry Team Beads of Courage with you on your challenge?

Is not the first time I contribute to this generous, honest and excellent cause. People need people, we are here to help others in any form. Kids inspire the Grow-Ups, Grown-up are an inspiration to kids… together we can inspire others… inspiration to be the best we can. Hope that together we can inspire many more!! Shine On! Ganbarimasho!!

Do you have a message for your supporters?

Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up!! You will be amazed how much you are capable of and who do you transform into!! Hang in there.

Thank You, David Escalante Curiel!

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