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Tony Evans & deVere Group Executive Fight Nights 2014

2014/05/27 16:03 Executive Fight Night, Fundraising Events

IV keeps on making gains.

Read on to find out more about this amazing night.
To the Tony Evans & deVere Group Executive Fight Night IV “Fists of Fury” Fighters, thank you for all of your hard work inside the ring and out. Shine On!

  • Yena R. Apithy
  • Clark Johnson
  • Andrew MacKinlay
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Sam Yusef
  • Herman Douglas
  • Aaron Manley
  • Jonathan Quioco
  • David Booker
  • Maya Nijima
  • Keith Hudson
  • Filip Pusnik
  • Jeremy Barnes
  • Adam German
  • Nobuyuki Tanaka
  • Weston Borden

Tony Evans & deVere Group Executive Fight Nights 2014 is dedicated to the Facility Dog Program. Join the fight.

FACILITY DOG PROGRAM – Improves treatment outcome and children’s approach to medical treatment through Japan’s first, full-time Animal Assisted Therapy program at a children’s hospital.

Fighters are fighting to make sure our Facility Dog Program is with patients and families every step of the way. They are fighting for children who are fighting for life in hospitals across Japan. They are fighting to keep our programs in the hospitals which encourage children, families, hospitals and communities to keep fighting. To stay strong. To shine on.

Shine On! Kids is chosen as the charity of choice for 2014

GinJin_Logo_Final1-150x150 “We are incredibly excited and proud to be supporting ‘Shine On! Kids’ as the Executive Fight Night Charity of Choice for 2014. Executive Fight Night was set up with a key charitable aim of giving back to the local community and as Shine On! Kids is all about trying to make the fight a little easier and the future brighter for children with cancer we couldn’t think of a better cause that our Executive Fighters should fight for.” ~ The Ginja Ninjas
EFN_logo_DevereTonyEvansjpg “The Tony Evans & deVere Group are pleased to have Shine On! Kids as the charity of benefit; a charity I have personally been involved in for years. We are glad to join Shine On! in helping children and their families in their fight for life.” ~ Tony Evans

What is Executive Fight Night?

Official website | Facebook | You Tube | Tony Evans

Executive Fight Night will give courageous participants the opportunity to get fitter and learn to fight in a rigorous 12-week training program run by professional trainers and fighters. At the end of it they will compete in a safe, professional and heavily-publicized Vegas-style Fight Night in front of hundreds of cheering fans.

V is in on June 19. Do you have what it takes to be in the ring?

The 6 steps to becoming a fighter Relive the “Fists of Fury” journey with this video tutorial to see if you have what it takes to be a fighter in the ring and out. Find out if you have the heart and stamina to be a fighter…

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