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MAEMUKI Project for Hope × Beads of Courage ®

2014/06/22 21:38 Beads of Courage®

Patients in Shine On! Kids’ Beads of Courage ® Program escorted Jubilo Iwata players onto the field.

MAEMUKI Project for Hope × Beads of Courage ®

More information about MAEMUKI Project for Hope × Beads of Courage ® (Japanese)

American Home Direct’s “MAEMUKI Ekiden for All,” a long-distance relay race event, is part of the “MAEMUKI Project for Hope” that involves a group of participants who travel across the country to support those facing difficulties.

The professional Japanese soccer team Jubilo Iwata showed its support towards the efforts and activities of MAEMUKI Project for Hope and Beads of Courage ®. The first project was held on May 31st in Iwata, Shizuoka.

97 “String of Strength” bracelets were completed during a workshop. The bracelets will be sent to the children in our programs along with a handwritten note to give them encouragement during their treatment journey.

Thank you to American Home Direct, Jubilo Iwata and all of the participants who participated in an amazing and wonderful day!