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Executive Fight Night V – Meet the Fighters

2015/05/01 16:18 Executive Fight Night, Fundraising Events

Meet the fighters


Meet all the fighters who trained hard to be in the ring on June 19. Thank you to all who pledged to show your support of them and all the kids in the Facility Dog Program.

What a night it was! The room was transformed with screaming fans, fearless fighters, great food, and amazing performances all around. But despite the brawls going on between Red and Blue in the ring, everyone was on the same team when it came to our cause.

 Tony Evans and deVere Group Executive Fight Night V |executivefightnight.com|‪#devereEFN‬

These amazing fighters raised over ¥2.3 million for Shine On! Kids!
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Check the fighters’ bios below by clicking their photo

blue team chad chris
john ken sam
shingo tiffany todd
red team david derek
gregor jacqueline kunihiro
nick patrick yuki


Chad Lafferty

Pledge Chad Now!

Age – 36
Nickname – Chad “The Rattlesnake” Lafferty (in homage to my Oklahoma roots)
Nationality – USA
Assessment day weight – 62 kg
Been training for – about 6 months now
CompanyRobert Walters Japan
Job title – Associate Director
Why are you fighting? – Good question! Why would anyone volunteer to get punched in the face? I guess it boils down to my hyper-competitive nature. I started boxing for fun and fitness (running is boring…) and that evolved into a personal challenge to try out & compete in EFN. It also allows me to meet some really interesting people and represent an excellent cause like Shine On! Kids.
Favorite quote – “To alcohol! The cause of – and the solution to – all life’s problems!” – Homer Simpson

Chris Moores

Pledge Chris Now!

Age – 44
Nickname – Chris “The Margin Call” Moores
Nationality – British
Assessment day weight – 63.7 kg
Company – JPMorgan
Position – Executive Director
Why are you fighting? Face a personal challenge while doing a little bit to help those who have a bigger battle on their hands
Favorite quote – “I don’t like any sport except boxing and bull fighting” David Bailey
Message to kids – Keep fighting!

David Villagómez

Pledge David Now!

Age – 37
Nationality – -of course- Ecuadorean
Assessment day weight – 73.5 kg
Been training for – I began boxing the very day we were called to the tryout for this event, so that must be some 5 weeks ago…
Company – Embassy of Ecuador in Japan
Position – Second Secretary
Why are you fighting? The reason I’m now fighting is because a friend of mine convinced me into getting in real good shape (which I wanted and was not too far from it already), but told me that by doing boxing I’d also increase my reflexes and general health. On top of that, if the event is for charity work, so much the better.
Favorite quote – “Talent is universal; opportunity is not” Rye Barcott
Message to kids – Dream BIG and, to make these come true, put all your greatest efforts into it.

Derek Simmons

Pledge Derek Now!

Age – 44
Nickname – “Destruction”
Nationality – US/British
Assessment day weight – 92 kg
Been training since – about 2 years ago, weekly boxing classes
Company – Aozora Bank, Ltd.
Position – Counsel
Why are you fighting? Looking for a new challenge, and to get fit in aid of a great cause!
Favorite quote – “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Vince Lombardi
Message to kids – All the best, I will be thinking about you (the real fighters!) when I am in the ring in June 19!

Golnaz Tahsini

Pledge Golnaz Now!

Age – 37
Nickname – “Gold Heart”
Nationality – USA
Assessment day weight – 78 kg
Been training since – 2015/01/15
Company – Northrup Grumman
Position – Systems Analyst
Why are you fighting? Love Boxing, find it very relaxing
Favorite quote – “Treat People as you would like to be treated”
Message to kids – Manifest your Dreams

Gregor Zetsche

Pledge Gregor Now!

Age – 28
Nationality – German
Assessment day weight – 79 kg
Been training for – 1.5 years
Company – Mercedes-Benz Japan
Why are you fighting? I had been thinking about doing an amateur boxing fight for a while when I first heard about EFN. It sounds like a fun and safe opportunity for my first fight. And you don’t often get the chance to help others by getting punched in the face!

Jacqueline Alexander

Pledge Jacqueline Now!

Age – 36
Nickname – Jac ”The Reaper”
Nationality – Native American
Assessment day weight – 68.4 kg
Been training since – September 2014
Company – J. Alexander MUA
Position – Professional Makeup Artist
Why are you fighting? If I am able to shine some light for these little fighters then why not be in their corner.
Favorite quote – “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” Willy Wonka

John Trollope

Pledge John Now!

Age – 38
Nickname – “The Butcher”
Nationality – Filipino-American
Assessment day weight – 94.8 kg
Been training since – January 17, 2015
Company – IKEA Japan
Position – Project/Team Leader
Why did you begin boxing? I got into boxing because of my wife, who is also an EFN V fighter. She began training roughly 5 months earlier and I could see the positive impact it had on her; both physically and mentally. She was more energized than normal after her training sessions and couldn’t stop talking about boxing. Her energy was contagious and I wanted to support her in reaching her goal to make the EFN cut. I decided to sign-up for a boxing boot camp in January to learn the basics in order to properly train together. We were quickly hooked and found ourselves training regularly. We even got our 6 year old son hooked! There is nothing better than a sparring session with your better half to show your love on Valentine’s Day.
Why are you fighting? I’m a softy when it comes to kids, especially when it comes to kids who face tough battles. If fighting for only 6 minutes (maximum) can make a small, but positive impact on the lives that need the support of Shine On! Kids … then sign me up!
Favorite quotes – ““If you are going through hell, keep going”. Winston Churchill
“You truly do not know how tall you are, until you are forced to rise”
“I choose to listen, rather than wait to speak””
Message to kids – Even though we have not met, I have you in my thoughts each time I train. You push me when I need that extra push. I can only hope that I can make you proud, or at least make you smile. I’m in your corner! YNWA (You’ll Never Walk Alone).

Ken Kondo

Pledge Ken Now!

Age – 37
Nationality – Japanese/Dutch
Assessment day weight – 70 kg
Been training since – March 2015
Position – Head of Japan Hedge Fund Coverage
Why are you fighting? For the Children, Cross out one more “To Do’s” on my bucket list.
Favorite quote – “Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions. ”
Message to kids – Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Protect your dream, and follow your heart.

Kunihiro Matsuo

Pledge Kunihiro Now!

Age – 26
Nickname – Hirodahippo
Nationality – Japan / USA
Assessment day weight – 62 kg
Been training for – 3 months
Company – Coerver Coaching Japan
Position – Operation Support
Why are you fighting? For the challenge and win

Nick Rees

Pledge Nick Now!

Age – 43
Nickname – “The Meguro Mauler”
Nationality – British
Assessment day weight – 86.1 kg
Been training for – 2 years
Company – Morgan McKinley
Position – Manager
Why are you fighting? To avenge my last defeat 😉
Favorite quote – “Life isn’t about how many breaths you take, its all about the moments that take your breath away!”
Message to kids – Stay positive, stay strong and keep fighting. You are all winners.

Patrick Wheen

Pledge Patrick Now!

Age – 31
Nickname – “The Roppongi Rampage”
Nationality – British
Assessment day weight – 97.3 kg
Been training for – 3 months (this time)
Company – Deutsche Bank
Position – Associate
Why are you fighting? I like fighting
Favorite quote – “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy”
Message to kids – You`re facing much bigger challenges then ours and unlike us, never stop fighting!!!

Sam Yusef

Pledge Sam Now!

Age – 46
Nickname – “Savage”
Nationality – Kenyan/British
Assessment day weight – 81 kg
Been training for – 1 year
Company – NN Life Insurance Japan
Position – Project Director
Why are you fighting? I thoroughly enjoyed the journey in EFN IV, I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity in EFN V and most importantly it’s for a great cause.
Favorite quote – “I’ve got it all in perspective, no need for stress, just be the best that I can be” Kevin Mark Trail
Message to kids – Stay positive, strong & determined, we all have a fighter in us.

Shingo Oshima

Pledge Shingo Now!

Age – 27
Nationality – Japan
Assessment day weight – 83 kg
Been training for – about 5 months
Company – TANK (construction & design company)
Position – Director
Why are you fighting? My Boss command me!!
Favorite quote – “Without belief in the righteousness equal to nothing”
Message to kids – Smile everyday!

Tiffany K

Pledge Tiffany Now!

Age – 35
Nationality – USA
Assessment day weight – 75 kg
Been training since – last June. Actually, I volunteered for EFN4 weigh-in and I thought…this is something I need to try. I wanted to look as fit as those fighters!
Company – Makuhari Junior and Senior High School
Why are you fighting? I am fighting for the kids!
Favorite quote – God help you begin and he will help you finish (Philippians 1:6)
Message to kids – You’re victory is right around the corner! Keep fighting. Stay strong!

Todd Macdonald

Pledge Todd Now!

Age – 50
Nickname – “The Asian Tiger”
Assessment day weight – 97 kg, now at 85
Been training since – June 2014
Company – Asian Tigers Mobility
Position – Business Development Manager
Why are you fighting? I am fighting for a last hurrah at my age, my sister-in-law who has stage 4 cancer and Shine On! Kids. They can’t quit, so how can I?
Favorite quote – “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.”
Message to kids – I know this is a long hard fight for you and that is why I have put in my blood, sweat and tears for you. I have broken two ribs, ripped cartilage, broken a toe, hurt my left elbow really bad, paid a lot to train but still have never given up on you. So I don’t want you to give up. Keep fighting like I am fighting for you. I am not good at this but I keep pushing.

Yuki Hirabayashi

Pledge Yuki Now!

Age – 26
Nickname – “Samurai”
Nationality – Japan
Assessment day weight – 65 kg
Been training since – 2015/05/14
Company – Totan ICAP
Position – Board Boy
Why are you fighting? Great experience to improve my mental strength as well as social skill
Favorite quote – “No pain No gain”
Message to kids – Do not give up even you think it is over