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All Kids Can Shine On! Through Music at the Summer Charity Concert!

2015/08/19 17:49 Artistic Events, Music Events


Spend a festive afternoon with your kids entertained by the finest children’s singer-songwriters in Japan. The first ever Shine On! Summer Charity Concert features Eric Jacobsen, TV host of NHK’s “Eigo de Asobo” (Let’s Play with English) and professional guitarist. Other amazing artists include pianist Kensaku Tanikawa, percussionist Eri Ohashi, singer Naoko Shirakami and MC Ikumi Kuroda. We recommend the concert to both adults and kids over three years old, especially those who want to learn about music and dance. For children, the event includes a “Fun with Music” corner. In our increasingly globalized world, music serves as a universal language that brings together people of all ages, nationalities, and religions. The concert will combine instruments and music from all over the world, from the velvety harmony of the West African marimba to the tremulous pitch of Japanese folk songs.

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Presenting Our Shine On! Artists!

Eric Jacobsen


Although Eric always loved music, he never imagined that he could launch a music career in Japan. On his first study-abroad trip to the Yamanashi Prefecture, he could not speak to anyone in Japanese and began writing songs to express himself. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a Japanese degree, Eric moved to Japan and within a year became a street musician in Shinjuku, performing well past midnight. On the side, he produced freelance content for various bilingual channels before landing his first job as a voice-actor for NHK. Today, he regularly appears on NHK’s “Eigo de Asobo,” in which he teaches English through music. He enjoys biking and playing with his band E-JAM.

Kensaku Tanikawa


Nominated for the Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Achievement, Kensaku Tanikawa is a renowned Japanese composer, famous for his film scores in historical and folktale-oriented movies. He has composed soundtracks for acclaimed films such as 47 Ronin, Princess from the Moon, and Dora-Heita.

Eri Ohashi


A marimba player, percussionist, and glass harpist, Eri Ohashi combines both creativity and originality to create a repertoire of happy music suited to people of all ages. She performs regularly in nurseries, kindergartens, concert halls, and senior homes. In 2008, Eri released her debut album “MARICOVER” with musician HARCO. Recently, she has released her long-awaited solo album “fantastic ☆ glass harp.”

Naoko Shirakami


Music has been a large part of Naoko’s life since childhood, when she first learned to play the violin. She graduated from Seisen University with a degree in Spanish literature, and later went on to train as a vocalist. She has voice-acted for many animations, including Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo and Kino’s Journey.

Ikumi Kuroda


For 16 years, Ikumi Kuroda worked as a reporter and newscaster for NHK Asahi. Now, she is a freelance announcer and public speaking coach. In 2015, she founded EXPRESSION KIDS, a group that organizes musical and theatrical performances for kids nationwide.


Create Sparkle In Kids Through Words and Music!

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When: Saturday, August 29th 2015
Doors open: 13:30    Starts: 14:00   Ends: 16:00

Where: Ginza Yamaha Hall
Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3572-3171

Cost:  Advance Tickets: Adults 3,500 yen           Children 2,500 yen
At the Door: Adults 4,000 yen                 Children 3,000 yen

*Tickets can be purchased in advance at  e+(イープラス). For help on how to purchase advance tickets, please contact event@sokids.org.

Program: Shine On! Kids Concert (featuring Eric)
A Present For Kids–Children’s Song (by Chick Corea)
Dream Session (with Eric, Kensaku Tanikawa, and Eri)
Time Slip into the Edo Era (Japanese Folktales)
World Music, Dance, and Word Play

Additional: String of Strength Charity Workshop
12:30 ~13:15 7th floor lobby, ¥2,000 per person, only 20 spots!

*Please send an email to event@sokids.org to reserve a spot.
*Pre-school children must be accompanied by adults. Please pay cash at the door.