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Kids design ‘Mini Moos’ to join CowParade Niseko

2015/10/05 10:40 Artistic Events, Fundraising Events, Outdoor Events

カウパレードニセコ キービジュアル

(Visual from CowParade Niseko, Japan)


CowParade Niseko 2015, Niseko area, Hokkaido
July 1 ~ October 1

http://cowparadeniseko.com/  |  https://www.facebook.com/cowparadeniseko

Cows have come to Niseko! Cow Parade, the largest public Art event in the world, was held in ‘premier four-season destination’ Niseko, Hokkaido. From July to October 2015, the Niseko area became the 81st host and the entire area came alive with the display of 47 Cows decorated by professional artists.

無地のカウをペイントしますCow Parade is an event combining art, tourism, and charity as well. CowParade Niseko generously supported Shine On! Kids by not only giving financial aid by auctioning off the cows, but creating an opportunity for kids in hospitals all across Japan to participate through their art.

Patients, family members, and staff at the 15 hospitals employing Shine On! Kids’ Beads of Courage® and Facility Dog programs were invited to design a ‘Mini Moo’, a half-cow-size fiberglass cow statue, 5 of which leaped from the page and were brought to life by artists and displayed during the event.

We received about 150 entries from around the country, and the 5 lucky winners will win a prize worth 50,000 yen!





11.11 – The 5 winners were sent these cute gift certificates. Thank you, CowParade Niseko, and please enjoy, winners!



See all the completed Mini-Moos on CowParade Niseko’s Facebook page





テンプレート2 テンプレート1

Participants chose between the themes of Courage, Ganbaru, Smile, Play, and Happiness for their designs.

デザイン中 デザイン中 デザイン中
デザイン中 デザイン中 デザイン中
デザイン中 デザイン中 デザイン中


And here are the winning designs!


Theme: Smile

入賞したデザイン テーマ:笑顔

Designed by a 6 year old patient and Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center
She writes: “I made a Cow Girl”



Theme: Smile

入賞したデザイン テーマ:笑顔

Designed by a 17 year old patient at Osaka City General Hospital
She writes: “I have some many people around to care for me. Never think you’re alone! Let’s live our lives with positivity.”



Theme: Happiness

入賞したデザイン テーマ:喜び

Designed by the older sister of a patient at Osaka City General Hospital
She writes: “I drew this with the wish that everyone can get better so they can enjoy the summer, play sports, or watch their favorite anime. The horns are bowling pins and the tail is a golf club.”



Theme: Courage

入賞したデザイン テーマ:勇気

Designed by a 16 year old patient at Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Medical Center
She writes: Your courage of facing a challenge, whether you succeed or fail, will become a seed that grows and makes you stronger. That’s why I drew plants.”



Theme: Ganbaru

入賞したデザイン テーマ:がんばる

Designed by a staff member at Chiba University Hospital
She writes: “Let’s wish upon the night sky full of stars and do our best!”


Thank you to everyone who submitted!