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Introducing a new Shine On! Kids Facility Dog Handler!

2015/10/01 08:58 Facility Dog, Shine On! Programs

Introducing a new partner for Facility Dog Yogi at Shizuoka Children’s Hospital

Thank you very much for your ongoing support for the Shine On! Kids Facility Dog Program. We are very pleased today to announce that a new nurse-handler, Keiko Suzuki, has been assigned to work with Facility Dog Yogi at Shizuoka Children’s Hospital.

Our new nurse-handler is experienced in private counseling and looks forward to applying her expertise in working with Yogi to support kids in the hospital. Our handlers are trained by Assistance Dogs of Hawaii (ADH) before assignment to a hospital, and in this case we engaged an ADH trainer to visit and conduct training in Japan.

Ms. Suzuki began work with Yogi three days per week on September 14, 2015, and the team has begun full-time work at Shizuoka Children’s Hospital as of October.

Profile of Facility Dog Nurse-Handler Keiko Suzuki

After 4 years working as a nurse at a hospital, Ms. Suzuki assumed the position of in-house nurse at a major electronics manufacturer in Japan. During her 26-year tenure at the firm, she was active in private counseling, and worked closely with the personnel department in introducing company-wide health examinations, in particular striving to support employee mental well-being. She also served as project leader in initiatives to support professionals seconded to other countries, in infection control, and in health care training delivery.

A message from new nurse-handler Keiko Suzuki:

“When I decided three years ago to look for a way to expand my horizons as a nurse, I discovered the Shine On! Kids Facility Dog program, and have followed its successes with great interest. I take on this assignment as nurse-handler with a great sense of responsibility, and I am determined to work hard with Yogi to help bring smiles to the faces of children fighting cancer and other serious illnesses in Japan and their families. I look forward to your continuing kind support!”


Shine On! Kids will continue to provide psychosocial care for children and families in Japan facing cancer and other serious illnesses. Thank you in advance for your continuing support for our programs.

General Manager Miho Neely
President Kimberly Forsythe
Japanese Government-Certified NPO Shine On! Kids