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Steve McKean Shines On! in 2015

2015/10/16 10:42 Challengers, Spotlight

Steve McKean raised ¥35,620 running a series of half-marathons in fall 2015 while carrying Team Beads of Courage and fundraising for the Beads of Courage® program at Sapporo Medical University Hospital. Thank you to Steve for his hard work and effort and to his supporters for their generosity!

He ran four half-marathons in September, and even more in October while carrying a set of Beads, one of which will be sent to a child to give them hope and encouragement.
Steve's last marathon
Piscari Marathon
Steve wearing Beads

About Steve

Hello! I am a New Zealander who has been living in Hokkaido since 1999. New Zealand is a great place to live, but I love Hokkaido as well. It gets a lot of snow too… and I love snowboarding! My other interests include skiing, surfing and running. I also love music and foreign languages.
Steve McKean

Why have you chosen to participate in this challenge?

To celebrate my 40th birthday this year, I wanted to find a way to raise money for a good cause in Hokkaido…while running a bunch of half-marathons. I will be doing this from the start of September to the end of the running season here at the beginning of November.

I also know what it’s like to spend time in hospital in Japan. It was tough for me being a foreigner, but it must be way worse for a kid. I just want to help in any way I can!

Message to your supporters

Please help support this great cause. Thank you!!!

Thank you to Steve’s 11 supporters!

The funds raised from this challenge and Steve’s Team Bead will go to children in the Beads of Courage® program at Sapporo Medical University Hospital to encourage them to stay strong during their fight for life.

If you are interested in doing a challenge yourself, please sign up here ⇒ sokids.org/programs/team-beads-of-courage-registration/