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Howard Shines On! through video games

2015/12/18 02:12 Featured Supporters, Fundraising Events

In September 2015, an English teacher living in Okayama got the idea to put his hobby to good use. Because of his great experiences in moving to Japan and meeting so many nice people, he decided to give something back to the children of Japan, and that’s when he came across Shine On! Kids.

Howard_van_der_Wal_Happi Howard_van_der_Wal_Goku_Cosplay_Cropped

“Anyone can use something they love to do
and do a fundraiser!” -Howard

Howard completed a 30 hour video gaming marathon to raise money for our cause. To make the project a whole community effort, he set up the fundraiser on a crowdfunding website and used an online streaming service to broadcast the entire thing. The live stream allowed his supporters to see him and his gaming progress, send encouragement in the live chat, and easily navigate to the fundraising page.


During the long 30 hours, Howard stayed motivated with coffee and comments posted by friends cheering him on from Germany. He also says it was heartening to see the donations coming in, sometimes £30 at once!

The marathon raised even more than expected, and came to a total of ¥90,000. Howard would like to say a massive thank you to all his supporters for donating and watching too!


And of course, a huge thank you to Howard from Shine On! Kids for your great idea and support!