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Media Coverage

English Language Media


2016-03-24 Josei Nana, “Animals that Work”
2016-02-13 Asahi Shinbun, “Therapy Dogs – A Member of the Medical Team”
2016-01-20 Information Magazine for Nursing Students FLAP! Vol. 49

2015-12-26 Shizuoka Shinbun Morning Edition, “Isao Aoki Visits Prefectural Children`s Hospital, Christmas Gifts in Shizuoka”
2015-12-22 NHK BS Premium, “Many Cute Pets”
2015-11-15 Jiji Press Co., “Welfare”
2015-11-11 Nikkan Amazing People, “Yuko Morita, Japans Amazing First Facility Dog Handler!”
2015-11-03 Shizuoka Shinbun Morning Edition, “A New Leader Appointed for the Childrens Hospital Facility Dog”
2015-10-15 Foundation Tokyo YWCA Public Relations Magazine Vol.10
2015-10-15 NHK, “A New Handler Arrived”
2015-08-25 “Facility Dogs- Working in Hospitals to Support Children”
2015-07-20 Edogaku August Issue
2015-07-16 NHK BS Premium, “Big Group of Cute Pets”
2015-07-03 “Bridge Children to Hope and Smile – Things We Can Do for Children Fighting Serious Illness and their Families”
2015-07-02 Hawaiian Airlines in-flight Magazine, “HANA HOU!” Japanese Version
2015-06-30 Information Magazine for High School Students Becoming Nurses FLAP! High School Version Vol. 23
2015-06-01 Pet-related Free Paper KONOKOTO
2015-05-23 inCycle, “inCycle LEADOUT: Giro Episode 2 (feat. Tsugabu Grmay, Fumiyuki Beppu, Bernhard Eisel & Chad Haga)
2015-05-10 Shizuoka Shinbun Morning Edition, “New Facility Dog Mentor Wanted, Shizuoka Prefectural Children`s Hospital”
2015-04-02 Cycle Sports, “Team Beads of Courage – Fumiyuki Beppu has Continued to be an ambassador for encouraging children with cancer and serious illnesses”
2015-05-31 CycloWired, “Beppu Fumiyuki will give courage to Children, Team Beads of Courage”
2015-03-27 Cyclist, “Team Beads of Courage Shares the Challenge with Children Fighting Disease”
2015-03-20 Information Magazine for Nursing Students, FLAP! Vol. 44
2015-03-14 Retriever Magazine April 2015 Issue
2015-03-08 Shizuoka Broadcasting System TV News, “Ideas Worth Spreading”

2014-12-11 Arubaito Times, WONDERFUL STYLE
2014-11-25 Chance Creator, “The Heart of Care in the Beads, Beads of Courage Free Public Seminar 2014
2014-10-24 NEONATAL CARE November 2014 Issue
2014-09-04 TBS, “Ippuku!”
2014-07-27 Mainichi Shogakko Shinbun, “I Met That Person: Yuko Morita, Facility Dog Handler”
2014-07-06 CBC TV/TBS, “Tabizukin-chan”
2014-07-05 Shizuoka Shinbun Morning Edition, “This Person”
2014-07-01 Monthly Seiryu August Issue
2014-06-23-26 Shizuoka TV MAEMUKI Project of Hope
2014-06-23 Kodansha Iwasada Rumiko, “The Door to the World”
2014-06-22 Chunichi Shinbun Shizuoka version Morning Edition, “Shizuoka Facility Dog Cuddling Helps Patients` Anxiety”
2014-06-20 Pediatric Nursing July Edition
2014-03-29 BS-TBS Hippocratic Oath, “Healing and Encouraging Facility Dog Yogi and Handler Seiichiro Minagawa”
2014-03-29 TBS Radio Saturday Morning Ichienta, Masaaki Horio PLUS!, “About Dogs That Work in Hospitals, Facility Dogs”
2014-03-26 Chance Creator, “Dogs Increase Chances to Smile by Intervening – Certified NPO Shine On! Kids, Yuko Morita”

2013-12-01 Yomiuri Shinbun Morning Edition, “Live Talk – Send Smiles to Kids”
2013-11-22 Shizuoka Shinbunsha, “Nyan to Wan Duffel Living”
2013-11-17 Asahi Shinbun Morning Edition Kanagawa Version, “Beads Exhibition in Naka-ku”
2013-11-09 Hearty Nose Quarterly Magazine
2013-10-23 Yomiuri Shinbun Evening Edition Kansai Version, “Finishers Send Power to Children Fighting Disease”
2013-10-23 Shizuoka Shinbun Morning Edition, “Facility Dog Healing Effect Introduction Seminar in Suruga-ku”
2013-09-21 NHK Premium, “Big Group of Cute Pets”
2013-09-01 Shizuoka Kyoiku Shubbansha, Monthly Families October 2013 Issue
2013-08-19 NHK Worldwide, New Bread of Therapy
2013-08-19 NHK Ohayou Japan August, “Cuddling with Therapy Dogs for Patients` Anxiety”
2013-08-06 NHK, “Facility Dog – Cuddling up to a Sick Child”
2013-07-18 Nihon Keizai Shinbun, “Cuddle Dog in the Support Mindset”
2013-07-30 Shizuoka Fashion Culture Magazine
2013-05-24 SBS Shizuoka Radio, “It`s Morning!”
2013-05-21 Asahi Shogakusei Shinbun, “Supporting Kids Fighting Disease”
2013-05 Japan Companion Animal Association, Aigan Dobutsu No. 231, May 2013 Issue
2013-05 Japan Lampwork Society, Lampwork Quarterly Magazine LAMMAGA Vol. 23
2013-04-19 INterFM, “What the Friday!?”
2013-04-14 Yomiuri Shinbun Morning Edition, Shizuoka Version, “Talking to the Patient Care Facility Dog Handler Seiichiro Minagawa”
2013-04-05 Asahi Shinbun Morning Edition Kanagawa Version, “Pediatric Patients` Stress Decrease”
2013-04-01 Yomiuri Shinbun Morning Edition Yokosuka Version, “Mentally Helping Patients”
2013-03-27 Asahi Shinbun Morning Edition, Kanagawa Version, “Special Graduation Ceremony in the ICU”
2013-03-21 NHK, NHK News Kanagawa
2013-03-16 FM Yokohama, KANAGAWA Muffin
2013-03-09 Kobe Shinbun Evening Edition, “Beasds of Courage for Kids with Cancer”
2013-03-01 Town News, Tokyo Local Information Paper, Kanagawa Prefecture “Facility Dogs at the Heart of Care”
2013-02 Health Publications, Pediatric Nursing, February Edition

2012-02-13 bestdisneystore.com
Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan”
2012-02-08 Rolling Stone Mexico
Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Children of the World” by Julien Lennon
2012-02-08 PR Web
Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan”
2012-02-08 Yahoo! News
Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan”
2012-02-08 London: The News
Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan”
2012-02-08 top40carts.com
Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan”
2012-02-08 dallasnews.com
Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan”
2012-02-01 Yahoo! News
New iPad Storybook Supports Families of Children with Cancer

2011-12-08 Metropolis
Shine On! Songs Volume One – The Tyler Foundation’s compilation strives to bring hope to children in trouble
(Download PNG, 821 KB)
2011-11-02 GuyPerryman.com and Inter-FM
Mark Ferris of Tyler Foundation CD Shine On!
(Download MP3, 2.3 MB)
Read transcript
2011-10-01 BCCJ ACUMEN
Children’s Cancer Charity Event Raises Millions
(Download JPG, 900 KB)
2011-10-07 Metropolis – Tokyo MetPod
Kim Forsythe and Mark Ferris talk about Shine On! Songs – New CD to Benefit Kids with Cancer
(Download MP3, 19.7 MB)
Read Transcription
2011-09-26 Japan Today
Servcorp donates Y12.8 mil to Tyler Foundation program to support children in Tohoku
(Download JPG, 1 MB)
2011-09-26 Metropolis
Green Stretch – Flex Up Your Charitable Intentions
(Download JPG, 1.1 MB)
2011-07-06 Daily Yomiuri
SCRUM DOWN / Talking the talk for charity
(Download JPG, 1.3 MB)
2011-06-05 Japan Inc.
Terrie’s Take – Believers in Japan’s Health System
(Download PNG, 4.8 MB)
2011-03-02 Talking About iPads
First runner to complete a marathon while wearing an Apple tablet? Probably
(Download JPG, 1.9 MB)
2011-02-27 iPad ‘N Gravy
Man Runs the Tokyo Marathon With an iPad and Several iPhones
(Download JPG, 438 KB)

2010-10-01 BCCJ ACUMEN
Which Good Cause?
(Download PNG, 10 MB)
2010-10-01 BCCJ ACUMEN
Bring on Bailey! NPO’s new approach to help child cancer victims
(Download PDF, 164 KB)
2010-10-01 WIFM Magazine
For Kids with Cancer
(Download PNG, 9.2 MB)
2010-08-01 TAC InTouch Magazine
Turning Grief Into Hope
(Download PDF, 1 MB)
2010-07-29 Metropolis
Tyler Foundation Fundraising
(Download JPG, 1.8 MB)
2010-05-01 Japan Today
Tyler Foundation to hold dinner and charity auction
(Download JPG, 991 KB)
2010-03-30 Metropolis
Scott MacIntyer
(Download JPG, 1.9 MB)
Read Transcription
2010-03-27 Metropolis
Wine Challenge Gala Dinner & Charity Auction
(Download JPG, 664 KB)
2010-03-26 Metropolis – Tokyo MetPod
Kim Forsythe about Scott MacIntyre concert
(Download MP3, 2.9 MB)

2009-11-19 Maui News
Ready to Serve – Language isn’t a barrier for canine comforter
(Download PDF, 246 KB)
2009-09-24 Metropolis
Tyler Foundation
(Download JPG, 668 KB)
2009-08-01 WIFM Magazine
Tyler Foundation Shine On! – Giving hope to kids with cancer and their families
(Download JPG, 668 KB)
2009-01 Alan & Overy
Values into Community Action – Pro Bono and Community Affairs
Annual Report 2007 / 2008 (Download PDF, 2.3 MB)

2008-09-17 Terrie’s Take
RidgeRunner Niseko International Cricket Competition
(Download JPG, 6 MB)
2008-03-01 Being a Broad
Going the extra mile
(Download PDF, 786 KB)

2007-11-30 Metropolis
Words to Remember – British lyricist Tim Rice is still adding to his timeless body of work
(Download PDF, 406 KB)
2007-10-31 Daily Yomiuri
Charity continues to Shine On
(Download PDF, 1.3 MB)
2007-10-13 Japan Times
Shining on after the darkness of death
(Download JPG, 5.3 MB)
2007-08-27 Terrie’s Take
Nisseko Cricket Tournament
(Download JPG, 3.9 MB)
2007-07-06 AIMA Japan
Charity Jazz Concert in support of The Tyler Foundation
(Download PDF, 66 KB)
2007-01-14 Japan Inc.
Cricket stars gather for leukemia fundraiser
(Download JPG, 1.3 MB)

2006-10-03 The Age
‘Gat’ turns back clock
(Download JPG, 1.5 MB)
2006-09-24 Terrie’s Take
(Download JPG, 2.3 MB)
2006-09-08 Metropolis
The Tyler Foundation – Sports stars flock to support child cancer charity’s extravaganza
(Download JPG, 1.4 MB)
2006-09-02 Japan Times
Tyler Foundation helps other sick kids Shine On
(Download JPG, 1.3 MB)
2006-08-13 Asahi Shimbun
Baby’s battle with cancer leaves lasting legacy
(Download JPG, 5.1 MB)
2006-07-07 Daily Yomiuri
Cricket, rugby stars drawn to Yokohama fundraiser
(Download JPG, 1.9 MB)
2006-06-16 Tokyo Weekender
Charity Extravaganza – A chance for sport-lovers to help kids with cancer
(Download JPG, 1.3 MB)

Japanese language Media

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