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Lunch Break with Smile Ambassador

2012/03/09 14:51 Shine On! Smile Ambassador, Shine On! Tohoku Children’s Support

Tohoku schools are still trying to catch up on their curriculum almost a year after the disaster. Because of that, the Tyler Foundation’s Smile Ambassador often does shows during the after lunch free time.

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Tohkai Shimpo featured Smile Ambassador in Kindergarten

2012/02/20 19:32 Shine On! Smile Ambassador

Tokai Shimpo carried article about Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador visit to nursery school in Ofunatto with Jordan. This was realized by the strong request from the nursery school.

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Kamaishi Newspaper Features the Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program

2012/02/12 04:47 Media Coverage, Shine On! Smile Ambassador, Shine On! Tohoku Children’s Support

The Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador, Gaetano Guy Totaro, was featured in an article published on January 25, 2012 (Wednesday) in the Fukko Kamaishi Shinbun, a local newspaper in the Tohoku Region.

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Thank You Cards from the Kids in Tohoku

2011/11/24 08:11 Shine On! Smile Ambassador

These hand made Thank You cards that we regularly receive are truly amazing creations. Like the kids themselves, they are unique, beautiful and full of Love.

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Ken Urashima

2011/11/23 08:05 Featured Volunteers, Shine On! Smile Ambassador

Ken-san has proved to be an invaluable asset to the Smile Ambassador program. His belief in the power of the program drives him to open more opportunities for us. His name and personal reputation has opened doors that were previously closed and he has given us credibility with the local population. Ken-san has introduced us to dozens of schools and daycare centers enabling us to interact with thousands of kids.

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