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Shine On! Clinic

The Shine On! Clinic is a collaboration with the National Center for Child Health and Development (NCCHD). It is both a long-term follow up clinic to support childhood cancer survivors as well as a daily outpatient clinic support center for current pediatric cancer patients at the hospital.

We provides a dedicated pediatric oncology nurse to attend to patients on a daily basis. There is significant benefit to having the same nurse track progress with patients. She develops a personal relationship with each patient and family, helping the patients to feel more comfortable with discussing treatment and enabling the nurse to observe both psychological and physical changes in patients and families over time.

The creation of this project is the result of consultation with pediatric oncology doctors at the hospital and evaluation of needs of patients which were not being met.

Shine On! Clinic

Shine On! Clinic

Program Summary

Goal : To improve the quality of outpatient care for pediatric cancer patients and create a long-term follow-up database of pediatric cancer patients that can be used to evaluate various treatment protocols.
Need : Patients and families requested both privacy and consistency in visiting the outpatient clinic for follow-up treatment and consultations.
Description : A full-time, dedicated pediatric oncology nurse is provided to the Shine On! Clinic
Program Advisors : Dr. Tetsuya Mori
Term : From July 2010


For any inquiries regarding this program, please do not contact the above-mentioned hospitals directly. Please first contact Shine On! Kids via info@sokids.org.