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Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program

Shine On! Smile Ambassador Gaetano Totaro

Gaetano Guy Totaro, our Smile Ambassador, has been bringing smiles to the children of Tohoku

The earthquake and tsunami that occurred in the Tohoku region on March 11 has caused severe damage, and its victims include children who are now experiencing varying degrees of post traumatic stress disorder.

Through our Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program, the Tyler Foundation is directly supporting large groups of children in the Tohoku region. Our man for this job, Gaetano Totaro, is a professionally trained magical care clown. He travels through various parts of the Tohoku region on a regular basis visiting places such as shelters, kindergartens and schools. He doesn’t just give shows to entertain children, but gives workshops that teach children skills that help empower, encourage and boost their confidence.

It’s so important for kids to remember what it is like to smile, and what normal life is in spite of the fact that normal life isn’t around them. They need to have a positive vision of the future so they can work toward it and move forward.

Guy often takes assistant Smile Ambassadors who’s skills complement his.


  1. Velina Brown says:

    Great work Guy!
    And Hello from everyone at the Mime Troupe.

  2. 長岡みゆき says:

    今日は、岩手県の安渡保育所に、来て下さるそうで、家の子供の様子が写真で見えるかなと 楽しみにしてます。