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Nintei Certification of Shine On! Kids

Shine On! Kids was officially certified as a special Nintei non-profit organization by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on December 7, 2012. The certification was renewed on August 31, 2018.

Certified NPO certification (PDF)

Our Nintei NPO status affirms the impact we make and means that Shine On! Kids complies with very strict regulatory reporting obligations both from a financial oversight and management perspective. The Nintei tax benefit status also enables Shine On! Kids to issue tax-deductible receipts to private and corporate donors in Japan.

Annual Business Reports

Business Report 2019 (PDF)

Business Report 2018 (PDF)

Business Report 2017 (PDF)

Business Report 2016(PDF)

Business Report 2015(PDF)

Business Report 2014(PDF)

Business Report 2013 (PDF)

Business Report 2012(PDF)

Articles of Incorporation(PDF)

List of Officers 2019 (PDF)

Shine On! Kids welcomes any questions you may have regarding our finances, fundraising and program expenses, and administrative costs. Please contact the President directly via email: kim@sokids.org

Childhood Cancer International

Since October 2008, Shine On! Kids has been a member of Childhood Cancer International (CCI). This worldwide organization is dedicated to facilitating cooperation and the sharing of information and experiences between parent groups across the globe. The goal of CCI is to provide the growing network of organizations that serve parents and children the resources and support needed to improve the treatment and care of children with cancer in their home countries.

Certification with CCI
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