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Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

We welcome corporate partnerships on many different levels and are happy to tailor a program to your individual CSR goals, brand strategy, and corporate objectives.

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Here are a few ways we can partner:

Cash Donation

Maximize your impact with a cash donation and join Shine On! Kids’ commitment to providing ongoing support to children, families, hospitals and communities across Japan.

Direct Program Support

Beads of Courage® 

  1. Sponsor a Beads of Courage® Hospital
  2. Encourage your employees or clients to Carry a Bead during a personal challenge or sporting event
  3. Encourage your employees or clients to Sponsor a Bead
  4. Host a Strings of Strength workshop for your employees

Hospital Facility Dog Program

  1. Sponsor our current Hospital Facility Dogs
  2. Sponsor one of our puppies-in-training

Event / Campaign Sponsorship

Shine On! Kids hosts a number of events throughout the year, from large, high-profile events to smaller, intimate concerts, photo shows, etc. and all of these offer opportunities for sponsorship and donations of products and services.

To find out more about how your organization can work with Shine On! Kids email

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