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Camp Courage for Survivors

What is it?

We are thrilled that some of the pediatric cancer patients who benefited from Shine On! Kids programs in the past are now recovered and moving along their path to becoming adult members of Japanese society. However, many of these amazing kids have also had to work through challenges in addition to their cancer treatments. Most pediatric cancer survivors—over 80% of them—experience some kind of late effects from the very intense treatment they underwent as younger children. Some need to take growth hormones, some will never be able to have children, some had to work hard to catch up after missing school for a few years, and many struggle with other smaller physical and psychological scars from the years of chemo, surgery, and radiation.

Camp Courage for Survivors was created as a catalyst for positivity in these young people’s new lives as pediatric cancer survivors. Driven and planned by the older survivors with the help of Shine On! Kids, each workshop features an educational theme and an opportunity for sharing experiences and building friendships.

How does it work?


  • Empowerment: Older pediatric cancer survivors feel empowered as they mentor and encourage their younger counterparts.
  • Shared Experiences: Children and young people with a shared experience (cancer), who might not otherwise have a chance to meet, can interact, share feelings, and learn from each other in a safe and private environment.
  • Networking: Young people can build a support network that can be relied and drawn upon as they move forward in their lives post-cancer.
  • Skills: Participants are introduced to a variety of new skills by experts in their field—inspiring them with ideas for their future work lives.


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