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Shine On! Kids has created scalable, repeatable models for its three core programs that can be adapted to a variety of hospitals and settings. However, we also conduct many smaller programs and events to support and engage our kids, their families, and our supporters throughout the year.

Here is a sample:

English Support Program

Summer holidays are a little different when you are stuck inside the hospital. Shine On! Kids helps to bring some fun, creativity, and education to kids not able to go home over the summer.

English Support Program During COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 situation, kids are more isolated than ever in hospitals in Japan. For example, all in-hospital volunteer programs have been suspended; hospital visits are limited to only parents for a couple of hours a day; total restrictions on going home on weekends during breaks in cancer treatments have been imposed, and playrooms in the hospital wards are closed. Quickly responding to the very special needs of our kids in hospital at this time, Shine On! Kids has launched a virtual support program with interactive activities involving our dogs and fun English education, and is supplying iPads to each of our hospitals for kids without their own.


Thanks to our partner AIG, we are able to host a safe, private Kidzania Night for our kids, their families, and even some medical staff every year. This is a dream come true for so many immunocompromised kids and their families who have had to stay away from crowds through months or years of treatment.

Fighting for Fighters

This is a program associated with our annual event, Executive Fight Night, where nearly 20 of our kids and their families connect with local businesspeople competing in Executive Fight Night. The kids cheer on the fighters and follow them on their training journey, and the fighters support the kids by boxing to raise money for Shine On! Kids’ programs.

Facility Dog Photo Exhibition

Giving the community an intimate view of our dogs, our kids, and the magic between them, this kind of public exhibition serves to educate and inspire!

Bead Art Shows

Shine On! Kids is grateful to receive one-of-a-kind, handmade beads from bead artists all over the country as part of our Beads of Courage Program. These special beads are given to children in the program to encourage them when they are going through a particularly challenging time. The annual Bead Art Shows give us an opportunity to spread the word about the work we do!

If you would like to volunteer or support one of these programs, please contact us at info@sokids.org

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