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improves treatment outcome and children’s approach to medical treatment through Japan’s first, full-time Animal Assisted Therapy program at a children’s hospital.
We offer athletes and anyone choosing to embark on a race or journey the opportunity to participate in the very powerful Team Beads of Courage program whereby a very special bead is carried during a race, climb, or other event, then given to a child when they most need a boost of encouragement.
Children fighting cancer receive colorful beads as meaningful symbols of courage to commemorate milestones they have achieved along their unique treatment path. Each bead tells a story of strength, honor and hope.
Calling all marathon runners, triathaloners, swimmers, cyclists, and mountaineers for the Shine On! Challenge! Register yourself as a challenger or pledge our current Shine On! Challengers to SHARE YOUR ENERGY, COURAGE and STRENGTH.
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Executive Fight Night V – Meet the Fighters

2015/05/01 16:18 Executive Fight Night, Fundraising Events

Meet all the fighters who trained hard to be in the ring on June 19 and raised over ¥2.3 million for Shine On! Kids!


Be Ringside at Executive Fight Night V

2015/04/07 06:02 Executive Fight Night, Fundraising Events, Sporting Events

7.3 million yen raised! What a night! The room was transformed with screaming fans, fearless fighters, great food, and amazing performances all around. But despite the brawls going on between Red and Blue in the ring, everyone was on the same team when it came to our cause. Through fighter pledges, live auctions, the raffle, […]


Do you have old books collecting dust on your shelves?

2015/01/20 18:02 Fundraising Events

Your unused books, DVDs, CDs and video games can be donated to support Shine On! Kids through Charibon.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Strings of Strength Volunteer Program

2015/05/26 12:30 Beads of Courage®, Featured Sponsors, Featured Volunteers

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Website Shine On! Kids provides emotional support to children fighting cancer in hospitals across Japan, through Beads of Courage©, an innovative arts-in-medicine program based around colorful bead craft. Previously, our program was available exclusively to children with cancer. But thanks to the support of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, one […]


6 steps will get you in the ring – Tony Evans & deVere Group Executive Fight Night V

2015/02/19 13:24 Executive Fight Night, Fundraising Events, Upcoming Events

Executive Fight Night is back this June! Again this year, fighters in the ring will support fighters out of the ring: the children who are fighting for life in hospitals across Japan. Do you have what it takes to be one of them? Relive 2014’s “Fists of Fury” journey with this video tutorial to see if you do. ↓ Sign […]


Run or volunteer for PARACUP 2015

2014/12/01 15:50 Fundraising Events, Outdoor Events, Sporting Events, Upcoming Events

SIGN UP HERE for PARACUP, a charity run benefiting various non-profit organizations that support children in Japan and abroad. Shine On! Kids is looking for 60 runners and 10 volunteers!

Be a runner: Wear a costume or your best running clothes, run with your friends or your child […]


2014 Luau Extravaganza

2014/10/01 12:01 Extravaganzas, Fundraising Events

26 million JPY raised! 2014 Shine On! Kids LUAU Extravaganza Saturday, September 27 | Tokyo American Club Shine On! Kids went tropical with this year’s Luau Extravaganza! Hosted at the Tokyo American Club, Shine On! Kids’ ninth annual extravaganza was a phenomenal success. Over 200 guests, collectively raised more 26 million JPY. Thanks to United […]