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Shine On! Kids Fumy Beppu Talk Event

2012/11/28 11:00 Fumy Beppu, Fundraising Events, Newsletter, Team Beads of Courage®


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Good luck to the kids in our Shine On! Programs!

2012/10/20 16:47 Fumy Beppu, Team Beads of Courage®

Our Cycling Ambassador Fumy Beppu is racing this weekend (Oct. 19-21), 2012 Japan Cup Cycle Road Race, carrying our Team Beads Of Courage.

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Team Beads of Courage Ambassador Special Beads Winners!

2012/07/02 10:01 Fumy Beppu, Team Beads of Courage®

「シャイン・オン!チーム・ビーズ・オブ・カレッジ 2012サイクリング・アンバサダー」の別府史之選手(愛称Fumy)特別ビーズ選考結果発表!

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