August 6, 2020

August Training Tip of the Month: Interactive Feeders

What is an interactive feeder?

As the name implies, an interactive feeder requires action. Interactive feeders make the pet actively work for a snack by thinking and planning the pet exercises in his mind and body to obtain a portioned amount of food that he consumes more slowly.

Great for dogs with sensitive tummies, this activity also provides exercise, alleviates boredom, helps to prevent anxiety, promotes weight management, but mostly it is fun for them!


How to teach your dog to be an interactive feeder using a puzzle toy

Start easy and use delicious treats. Once the dog understands the mechanism you can advance and try using the different toys below. 

Kong – Have a look on YouTube for a fun recipe. Our dog trainer Marina recommends, “Portion some food according to the ratio 1:1/2 cup food to water. Let it soak. Then squish the food, stuff your Kong, put it in the freezer. Masa, our Labrador Retriever, takes around one hour to finish it.”

Kong Wobbler – Easy to fill in with dog food and easy to clean. Recommended for dog trainers who are short on prep time but it does take the dog slightly longer to learn how to use them. 

Plastic Bottles (Marina’s favorite for an easy option) – “Cut one or several holes on the side, making it smaller or larger according to the difficulty, and fill with food. This does require supervision to avoid consuming any plastic and remember to remove the bottle cap before giving it to your dog.”


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