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2006 Sports Extravaganza: Celebrity Cricket Match

2006/10/01 23:00 Extravaganzas, Sporting Events

The Tyler Foundation welcomed 10 cricket and rugby legends of the professional sports world to Tokyo for Sports Extravaganza 2006, which included a fun-packed weekend of three fundraising events: a gala dinner, celebrity golf day and a celebrity cricket match!

Our celebrity guests included:

Photos by Jacqui Todd and Leanne Stone

Celebrity Cricket Match

October 1, 2006
Yokohama Country and Athletic Club

Hundreds of people braved the rain to support the biggest cricket game ever in Japan hosted by the Yokohama Country and Athletic Club! The Mike Gatting XI got off to a flyer and put on a competitive 288 off their 40 overs. After a dodgy start, the Kapil Dev XI reeled in the challenging total with Tim O’Gorman from Derbyshire, England leading the way with a cool 104. During the lunch for players and VIPs sponsored by CareerCross, the spectators were treated to a performance of the Y.I.S. band – followed by photo ops with Miss Universe Japan, Kurara Chibana!


1-Innings Match Played At YCAC, 01-Oct-2006, TYLER FOUNDATION
KAPIL DEV XI Win by 1 wkts
Umpires Neil Harrison & Chris Thurgate
Scorers Yuko Sasaki, Fukuko Hozumi & Haruko Sawada
Comment Management: Mark Ferris, Anton McCloy & Mark McTamney

MIKE GATTING XI 1st Innings 288/11 Closed (Overs 40)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
McKenna,R+ c Dev,K b Van der Westhuyzen 67 40 8 3
Takahashi,H c Forsyth,R b Stransky,J 79 57 9 4
Nash,D c Ferris,M b Laidler,R 22 21 2 1
Gatting,M* c Dev,K b Ferris,M 31 21 1 3
Symcox,P b Ferris,M 18 12 1 0
McTamney,M b Ferris,M 15 18 1 0
Bright,R b Van der Westhuyzen 10 16 1 0
Philips,B b Forsyth,R 8 14 0 1
Jahnig,R c Chino,T b Forsyth,R 0 1 0 0
Alok Rakyan b Rice,C 1 2 0 0
Blamire,P st Chino,T b O’Gorman,T 2 16 0 0
Matsubara,Y not out 22 20 3 1
extras (b2 lb1 w10 nb0) 13
TOTAL 11 wickets for 288
1-99(McKenna,R) 2-159(Takahashi,H) 3-176(Nash,D) 4-207(Symcox,P) 5-234(Gatting,M)
6-244(McTamney,M) 7-260(Bright,R) 8-260(Philips,B) 9-261(Jahnig,R)
10-261(Alok Rakyan) 11-288(Blamire,P)
Bowler O M R W wd nb
Dev,K 5 1 21 0 2
Malcolm,D 5 0 31 0 1
Van der Westhuyzen 6 0 69 2
Stransky,J 5 0 49 1 1
Laidler,R 7 0 48 1 1
Ferris,M 5 0 30 3 1
Forsyth,R 3 1 9 2 3
Rice,C 3 0 23 1
O’Gorman,T 1 0 5 1 1

KAPIL DEV XI 1st Innings 292/10 All Out (Overs 38.4)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
O’Gorman,T b Nash,D 108 86 15 3
Parsons,S b Symcox,P 0 7 0 0
Malcolm,D b Nash,D 0 3 0 0
Quinlivan,R b Symcox,P 1 9 0 0
Rice,C b Alok Rakyan 28 25 2 2
Dev,K* c Blamire,P b Matsubara,Y 26 17 2 1
Chino,T+ c Philips,B b Philips,B 11 6 1 1
Stransky,J c Nash,D b Gatting,M 35 26 5 1
Laidler,R c Blamire,P b Alok Rakyan 21 21 2 1
Ferris,M c Alok Rakyan b Alok Rakyan 18 18 0 2
Van der Westhuyzen not out 12 8 2 0
Forsyth,R not out 5 11 0 1
extras (b4 lb1 w19 nb3) 27
TOTAL 10 wickets for 292
1-12(Parsons,S) 2-24(Malcolm,D) 3-26(Quinlivan,R) 4-69(Rice,C) 5-118(Dev,K)
6-139(Chino,T) 7-222(Stransky,J) 8-239(O’Gorman,T) 9-269(Ferris,M)
Bowler O M R W wd nb
Nash,D 7.4 0 23 2 1 2
Symcox,P 6 1 37 2 4 1
Jahnig,R 6 0 36 0 2
Bright,R 5 0 40 0
Alok Rakyan 5 0 33 3 3
Blamire,P 2 0 29 0 3
Philips,B 3 0 26 1 1
Matsubara,Y 2 0 31 1 4
Gatting,M 2 0 32 1 1

Produced by Cricket Statz


Lunch Speech by Sponsor and C.C. Consulting President, Richard Bysouth

Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming.  It is very nice to see so many friends and familiar faces out there and I hope you are having as much fun as I am.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Richard Bysouth and I am founder and president of C.C. Consulting, parent company of CareerCross, the world’s biggest bilingual job board focused on the Japanese market, and FJP, Japan’s premier English Language Information Portal on Sports and Fitness.  We are extremely proud to be chosen as one of today’s sponsors and have the opportunity to support the Tyler Foundation.  It’s remarkable to think what Mark, Kim and the foundation have achieved already, and while I cannot begin to understand their terrible loss, as a proud father of 3 young children myself, I can fully understand their commitment to this cause.

There is a famous English quotation that goes “football is a game for gentlemen played by ruffians, and rugby is a game for ruffians played by gentlemen” -whereas Cricket, Cricket is a game for gentlemen played by middle aged bald men with beer bellies and bad eyesight – judging by the two teams that have turned out today.

But for me the great thing about this event is that as well as being able to sponsor a cause that I strongly believe in, I also get to meet some of my childhood sporting heroes from the worlds of rugby and cricket.  In particular, I was extremely excited when I heard I would have the chance to meet one of the best British cricket players of his generation, a former captain of the national team and a sporting icon both at home and abroad – unfortunately Ian Botham was not able to make it, so that will not be happening this time.

Seriously folks, as a teenager Mike Gatting was one of my greatest sporting idols and I remember being inspired when he came back from a broken nose to skipper the side that retained the Ashes in 1986, a feat that will naturally occur again this year in Australia.  I have the same inspirational feelings for Lance Armstrong and his fight with cancer and mind blowing career that followed.  As an amateur and somewhat slow tri-athlete and marathon runner, I am constantly inspired and amazed when I witness the dedication and awe inspiring achievements of those around me, and these emotions and sentiments are what keep me going when times get tough, both in work and play.

These are the same sentiments I felt when I first heard about the Tyler Foundation and what seemed like an outrageous plan to fly some of the world’s biggest sporting legends into Japan for a charity weekend.  These are the same sentiments I felt when I listened to the emotional and heart rendering speech delivered by Kim on Friday evening, and these are the same sentiments I am sure will inspire us all, and particularly the foreign community here in Japan, to use our influence, to use our privileged positions as guests in this wonderful country, to really make a difference, and by continuing to support this amazing charity, ensure that Tyler’s legacy really does keep “shining on”.


Special Thanks

  • Core Organizing Team: Rob Quinlivan, Mark McTamney and Anton McCloy. Their tireless work ensured both guests and celebrities had a great time while raising heaps of money for the Foundation.
  • Video Producer: Ryan Skelton of Alien-Eye, Inc for his unbelievable energy, skill, patience and tolerance in following our celebs from the moment they stepped off the plane ’till the moment they got back on the plane. The videos you’re watching are the result of weeks and weeks of editing and tweaking.
  • Video Presentations & Footage: Jeff Klein and his team at Terabyte Station for the video footage of Kim’s speech and for all of the help with the video presentations during the Celebrity Sports Dinner at the Grand Hyatt.
  • MC and Host: a sports celebrity in his own right (playing for New South Wales against the New Zealand All Blacks in 1988 and the British Lions in 1989), Justin Sampson deserves an extra-special thanks – no aspect of the Extravaganza would have been the same without his skill and polish.
  • Photographers: our official Foundation photographer, Jacqui Todd, and professional photographer, Leanne Stone, who worked tirelessly on a purely volunteer basis – donating all of their time and photos to us.

For more details on the rest of our celebrity guests’ stay in Japan, please see our event reports and interviews.