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Pieroth Japan

2009/06/01 23:00 Featured Sponsors

By Deb Wenig.

About Pieroth Japan

Did you know that Pieroth Japan K.K.’s warehouse in Yokohama houses one-third of all the wine distributed by the Pieroth’s worldwide group (Wein International Verwaltung)? Laurent Faivre, Managing Director remarked, “It was really amazing for me to come here the first time to the warehouse. There are so many vintages. In Japan you can find whatever you want. Today Pieroth Japan imports over 1,700 wines from 17 countries to satisfy their private and professional clients. Many of the wines imported are grown and produced for Pieroth’s worldwide group member companies. Pieroth Japan also represents many of the most reputable estates and wineries from many different countries. Many of the wines come from exclusive family-owned wineries you just can’t get elsewhere in Japan.”

The Japan market for Pieroth is filled with customers who really enjoy top wines. Pieroth worldwide group (W.I.V.) boasts impressive statistics as #1 in direct sales and Pieroth Japan is #2 in total turnover of the Pieroth worldwide group (W.I.V.).

Today operating under the Pieroth Eagle logo, Pieroth has a long history. Faivre said, “The Pieroth family traces its origins and wine producing tradition back to 1675 when their ancestor was listed as living in the village of Stromberg, Germany. Stromberg is next to Burg Layen in the Nahe valley where the family’s ancestral home and company headquarters are now located.” In an unbroken line, the Pieroth Family has continuously operated the business. Pieroth was ahead of its time in 1958 when they embraced globalization and went beyond their borders into other European nations. In 1969 Japan became its first overseas venture and today Pieroth is successfully established in 23 countries. In another innovation, “They recognized the value of personal relationship and trust…They initiated the “Pieroth Home Wine Tasting” permitting customers to taste and select wines at their leisure at home or in the office, alone or with friends.” Indeed Faivre believes “…this is the reason for the success of the company. Honoring traditional values but going with the times has enabled Pieroth to become the World’s No. 1 Direct Sales Wine Company.” Another new innovation started here in Japan is wine-tasting festivals in the big cities of Tokyo (Tokyo Midtown), Osaka, and Yokohama.

Pieroth Japan and the Tyler Foundation

For the Tyler Foundation, Pieroth is top-rated for their wonderful support. Mark Ferris notes “We’ve been grateful to work with Pieroth for three consecutive years and they’ve made a big difference at our fundraising events. For one thing, they supplied us with some of their premium product and helped us combine this with our menu at each event. Also, thanks to their extensive European connections, they offered one of our prize winners a visit to the Champagne district of France, which made a very special prize. They also attend our events regularly and are a pleasure to deal with.” Faivre noted that “We provided wines and Champagne for the “2008 Mystery a la Carte” fundraiser dinner and some old Cognac and Bas Armagnac for the auction.”

Perhaps the long corporate commitment to personal relationships is imbued in the philanthropy of Pieroth. Faivre said, “When I met Mark the first time two years ago I was really interested to do something for the Foundation. These are kids and the story of Tyler is quite moving…and I say if we can help some kids, then this is what we can do. … we and our suppliers believe that the Foundation is worthwhile and it is so important to support children with cancer and their families in Japan. Supporting the Tyler Foundation is a way for us to offer our modest contribution to this noble cause and help ‘make the fight a little easier and the future much brighter’ for all these children.” Faivre said, “…a Japanese proverb says “…if you are looking for the source of the river Yoshino, you can find it in the drops of water on the moss…” He advises, “So join the other drops of water, then small streams that will make one of the largest rivers, a mighty river, which thanks to its power, will sweep the scourge of cancer.” Faivre said, “I think sometimes when we can do something we have to do something. … even a small amount. From my point of view it’s important to do what’s best.”

Pieroth’s continued support is invaluable to the Tyler Foundation and they enjoy seeing the ‘fruits of their sponsorship labor!’ “It is great to see the concrete results year after year, and also all the new projects in progress such as the Shine On! Therapy dog Program,” said Faivre. “…as we say in France: “les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivieres” (small streams make large and major rivers”)…so I would like to thank Kim, Mark and the Tyler Foundation for allowing us to be one of those small streams.” Thanks go to our June Featured Sponsor, Pieroth Japan – we raise our glass to you!

For more information on Pieroth Japan, please see www.pieroth.jp.