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Jane McDonald

2011/02/27 23:00 Challengers

Tokyo Shine On! Marathon Challenge 2011 Runner, Jane McDonald

Jane McDonald ran in the Tokyo Shine On! Marathon Challenge 2011 on February 27 (Sunday) to raise money for the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! House, a complete support facility near the National Center for Child Health and Development (NCCHD) in Tokyo that provides everything from child care for siblings to emergency accommodation to a variety of weekly classes for patients.



Name: Jane McDonald
Self Introduction: An Australian living in Tokyo for 7 years, enjoying good health and good friends. Maybe everyone has a novel and a marathon in them; so far I haven’t found my inner athlete or literary genius. Let’s see if 2011 will be the year of the runner, the writer or just the rabbit.
Place of Birth: Australia
Hobbies/interests: Writing, running, enjoying good health and good friends.


Marathon Length: 42km

Pre-Race Interview

What is your past marathon experience?

This is my first time to run a marathon.

What is your message to your supporters?

Thank you for your encouragement and support! I’d much rather be on the couch eating Snickers, but will try to jog around Tokyo and finish the course instead…. 42km is a long, long way.

Please think about supporting the Tyler Foundation as they continue to bring innovative, inspirational projects to Japan to help families of kids with cancer. Make a pledge, please!


Post-race Quote

If someone had told me I would run a marathon, and actually have fun, I would have told them they were crazy! Well, maybe I’m a bit crazy because it was a fantastic day. After spending hours obsessing about the weather forecast and what to wear, it was a spectacular day for runners, spectators and volunteers alike. I wore the ‘Beads of Courage’ with pride, and a little trepidation, as I really didn’t know how I would perform in my first marathon. There were a couple of times I needed to pull myself together to keep going, which I did by touching the beads around my neck. Having thousands of people shouting “Ganbare, Fight Fight” also helped a bit too! I can’t really explain the feelings as I crossed the finish line, and beyond. I do remember pumping the air with my fists and maybe letting out a couple of whoops of joy. Perhaps the official photos will tell a different story though! Thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged this effort, and for all the wonderfully generous donations. Thank you to my family who put up with long weekend training runs, long weekend afternoon naps and for supporting me out on the course. I really feel proud, thankful and lucky to have participated in such an amazing event. It was my pleasure and honor to support the Tyler Foundation.


Thank You, Jane McDonald!

Jane raised JPY593,000 for the Tyler Foundation in the Tokyo Shine On! Marathon Challenge 2011!

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  1. Kami Fukuda says:

    go jane go!!!

  2. Nancy Koritz says:

    Congratulations! Are you running in Kitten Heels?
    Wishing you a fabulous run.

    The Koritz Family
    c/o the Arctic Tundra
    Igloo #5A


  3. Yukari Kamibayashi says:

    Jane, I know you can do it! Go for it!!

  4. dawn novotny says:


    your great wit and character will go along way to helping you hop along those 42km.

    best to you and fellow runners,

  5. Hey, Jane,

    You’re such a cool runner… I’m so so proud of you.
    Run, Run, Run!

    All the best,

  6. Harue says:

    Wow, 42 km! Best of luck, Jane. I respect you for what you are trying to do to support Tyler Foundation.

  7. Lindy Lek says:


  8. Naoko Shimizu says:

    So, you are doing it! You are an amazing girl, Jane.
    All the best of luck!

  9. Miriam McDonald says:

    Jane, Jane, you don’t want to eat Snickers. You want to eat superior Belgian and Swiss chocholates and I will organise Kate and Anna to be at the pitstops with relevant supplies for you. Also will organise taxi voucher for you as my donation is not dependant on marathon completion. The Foundation will receive $$ in honour of your chutzpah!

  10. Regina Salathe says:

    I am inspired and will eat chocolate in your honor that day. Way to go Jane!

  11. Kimiko Kan says:

    42K, wow!! You are amazing in so many ways!
    I wish you all the best for your run, gambatte!

  12. Akiko Arakawa says:

    Jane, “Can you make it!!!” N’s mantra can shadow you during the race and you will breeze through the 42k. If not, you can borrow Ojai.

    Very inspiring — rooting for you all the way!

    xo, Akiko

  13. Noriko Igarashi says:

    Good luck, Jane!

  14. Meg Nakajima-Caldwell says:

    Jane, Gambatte!!! Go Jane, Go!!

  15. McDonald family - Buninyong says:

    Dear Jane,

    Steve Moneghetti sends his personal best wishes from Ballarat. He saw you training around the lake and asked me to pass on three sage pieces of advice: (1) carbo-loading is for wussies; (2) go hard early and just push through the pain barrier; and (3) taxi vouchers can come in handy.

    We know you can do it. The high altitude training in Ballarat will give you a competitive advantage. Go for it!!

    Best wishes,

    John, Jenny, Sarah and Tess.

  16. Simon, Kate & Anna says:

    See Jane run.

    We will be there cheering you on…..and the girls promise you a snickers at the end.

  17. Yumiko Reed says:

    I can imagine you will be at the finish line from the long 42 km running…. Go for it!

  18. Alison and Robert Quinlivan says:

    Good luck next Sunday. We will be thinking of you and cheering from Seoul. Go Jane.

  19. Mayumi Toyota says:

    Go for it, Jane!

  20. Jennifer Dacus says:

    Good luck tomorrow!