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2011 White Hot Extravaganza

2011/09/30 23:00 Extravaganzas, Parties, Shine On! Songs

Wow…what an amazing event! People were looking cool and grooving on the dance floor at the September 30th Tyler Foundation annual fundraising extravaganza at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

This year, the theme was “White Hot.” At this dazzling benefit gala dinner and party, guests dressed in all white and joined us for an exciting evening of elegance, fun, fantastic food, dancing, games, live and silent auctions, and more! Just a superb night with the perfect balance of fun, fundraising and awareness raising!

The event succeeded in attracted over 350 guests and raising approximately JPY 25 million. All proceeds will be used to support the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Programs that support children with cancer in Japan and their families, and also our new initiatives to bring our expertise in psychological support to the children of Tohoku.

And in addition to all of this, the evening marked the launch of the Shine On! Songs CD – an album of eclectic, exciting original music and high-profile recording artists from around the world. All the artists have generously contributed their time and talents with all proceeds to go to the Tyler Foundation. The audience enjoyed music videos of the some of the songs during the evening – including pieces featuring Rie fu and Maxi Priest.

Thank you to everyone who joined and supported us. And, thank you our many generous sponsors and supporters for helping to make our Shine On! Programs a reality!


A special message from Tyler Foundation President, Kim Forsythe

I cannot begin to express my thanks to every single person who made the 2011 White Hot Extravaganza an amazing success. From our guests, to our sponsors, to our volunteers!!! How deeply grateful we are to have this level of support from old and new friends!

This was our sixth evening of fun and fundraising in which we asked for your support of the Tyler Foundation. Six years of your support has led to great accomplishments that are making a real difference in the daily lives of children with cancer and their families as well as raising awareness of the need for an organization like the Tyler Foundation in Japan.

Last year, we were active in 4 hospitals. This year, the number has grown to 13, and we expect it to further increase to 20 by year end. A new therapy dog will be going to Kanagawa Children’s Hospital in 2012. Shine On! House, our complete support facility for childhood cancer patients and their families, is now open on weekends now for weekend events and family use. As of Oct. 1st, 2011, over 4,500 children had participated in the Shine On! Smile Ambassador workshops in Tohoku.

Together with our current accomplishments, is a realization that there is so much more to do. And, through this Extravaganza, you have helped to make that possible.

I hope all of our volunteers truly understand that they gave not only time and energy for the event, but also their love and support for all of our Shine On! kids and families. Once again, thank you everyone!!!


(In alphabetical order of role…)

  • Core Organizing Team: Rasah Gonzales, Mark McTamney and Anton McCloy. Their tireless work ensured both guests and celebrities had a great time while raising heaps of money for the Foundation.
  • Dancers: the six-person dance team of FAB Academy, “NRGXS,” who amazed us with their glamorous models and incredible stage performances.
  • DJ: Dominic Allen of Black List Tokyo for providing us with just the right type of music to get everyone up on the dance floor.
  • Photographers: our official Foundation photographers, Antony Tran and Joy Fajardo, who worked tirelessly to get us superb photos.
  • Silent Auction Manager: Lynda Abshoff’s dedication to details and hard work ensured the success of not only our silent auction, but many parts of the evening.
  • Sound Engineer: Nik Sliwerski who ensured that everything sounded fantastic and made the music come to life.
  • Video Presentations & Footage: Jeff Klein and his team at Terabyte Station for the video footage of Kim’s speech and for all of the help with the video presentations during the dinner.
  • Video Producer: Duncan Macintyre of SAI, Inc for his unbelievable energy, skill, patience and tolerance in helping us with everything from the presentation slideshows to the event video.
  • Volunteers: our amazing volunteers, without whom, the event could not have run so smoothly.


If you have not yet claimed your raffle prize, please email cris@sokids.org with your prize number, full name and postal address.

  1. Grand prize is unclaimed – here is the winning number – please tell your guests and friends as well to check for ticket number 0852162
  2. There were also 25 unclaimed minor prizes – ticket numbers below.

Prize #
3 – 0852302
4 – 0720810
6 – 0852441
7 – 0852355
9 – 0720760
11 – 0852313
20 – 0852360
23 – 0852372
25 – 0720664
27 – 0852383
28 – 0720708
31 – 0852240
37 – 0852353
38 – 0720699
40 – 0720663
42 – 0852267
43 – 0852312
45 – 0720660
46 – 0720764
48 – 0722674
49 – 0852259
51 – 0720744
54 – 0720684
61 – 0852294
62 – 0720718