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Keiko Fukumoto

2011/10/17 14:42 Featured Volunteers

Keiko Fukumoto working with kids in Miyagi Prefecture

This past August we were looking for an Art Therapist to supplement our Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program. Keiko Fukumoto had no idea what she was getting herself into when she replied to our notice on Facebook, but she did know that she wanted to help the children of Tohoku.

Keiko jumped right in without hesitation and volunteered for a week long Smile Ambassador tour in Iwate Prefecture. Her skill and passion for Expressive Art Therapy resulted in a series of very successful workshops at daycare centers and preschools that were effected by the 3/11 disaster.

The children and teachers in Tohoku adore her and her Expressive Art Therapy workshops proved to be a powerful cathartic healing experience for them. Some of the kid’s artwork from the workshops can be seen in the new line of Shine On! Songs merchandise.

Keiko’s first tour led to a second and suddenly her summer vacation time as a librarian in Tokyo was all spent up north volunteering. It was obvious to us from the start that Keiko was a huge asset to our program, and from September she was offered a full-time position as the Smile Ambassador Coordinator.

As a former high school teacher in Osaka, Keiko knows how the Japanese education system works and she feels right at home in the class room and dealing with administrators. She now not only organizes all of the Smile Ambassador tour schedules, she tours the region for 2 weeks each month and continues to facilitate her workshops.

Although it’s a few months after the fact and she is now working for us, Keiko Fukumoto more then earned the title of Shine On! Featured Volunteer.

1 Comment

  1. Rachel Kania says:

    Hello, I love your art therapy work! I am thinking of training as an Art Therapist in New Zealand. It is a two – three year degree. What is your advice?

    Does Tohoku still need volunteer art therapists? I have a teaching degree and am interested in Art Therapy.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sukoshi Nihongo ga dekimasu…