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Yoga in Yoyogi Park #02

2011/10/09 23:00 Outdoor Events

During the weekends of late September and early October 2011, people gathered to enjoy the Autumn weather and do yoga in Yoyogi Park. All proceeds will be donated to the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Programs to help support children with cancer in Japan and their families.

Yoga Journal Japan and Metropolis Magazine kindly gave the event some publicity, and there was a strong turn-out each time.

The classes were taught by Dylan Robertson. Dylan, whose bilingual classes are designed especially for beginners, says, “Yoga poses are meant to be therapeutic – this is not a gymnastics competition – so don’t worry how it looks or how far you can stretch, focus instead on how you feel inside.”

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Dylan operates HelloYoga.com, a portal website serving Japan’s yoga community with event information, articles and interviews.

After a refreshing yoga practice in the park, those who had time enjoyed sampling the offerings at the various food festivals going on nearby NHK, with a different theme each week.

We hope you will join the next Park Yoga sessions in May and June 2012!