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Origami making in English

2012/01/17 18:00 Shine On! House

Origami art by children


We invited English-speaking Origami teacher Dylan.

First of all, the children and their mother introduced themselves in English. Dylan memorized everyone’s name immediately. And then we began Origami art. The children choosed their favorite shape of Origami art, and learned how to make it with Dylan. They learned many techniques of Origami. But during the teaching, Dylan suddenly smiled and said “It’s difficult.”

Then the
children and mothers discussed how to make it. Finally, the mothers taught how to make it.

We tought it was the way Dylan teaches how to speak English! (Or simply he forgot how to make Origami art?)


Dylan gave us two gifts.

One is that he did a picture-story show for us.The children understood English, saying “Shine On!”. It seemed that Shine On! House was the house for English-speakers.

The other is that he gave us the candies on the Christmas tree.

The children and mothers said “Thank you”, shaked hands with Dylan, exchanged bows. They looked to happy.

It was surprising that the children understood completely Dylan’s talking in English! They are amazing!

Thank you
for coming!

Thank you Dylan for a lot of nice experience and presents.

Comments by the family joined us.

“I had a fun very mush talking with English-speaking teacher. I had the picture-story show in English for the first time, and that experience was so nice. I’m looking forward to have English class in Shine On! House next time.”

“I did Origami art with Dylan and found that he was a gentleman. He was charming,too.”

“The carp streamer we made in May in Shine On! House looks still beautiful and we’d like to keep it until May 2012.”