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Bailey visits Shine On! House

2012/02/03 10:36 Facility Dog, Shine On! House

Mother: “The pads on Bailey’s paws are harder than our cat’s”
Yuko, handler: “That’s because Bailey weighs 30 kg”
Daughter: “Wow! Bailey is heavier than me!”

Shine On! Therapy Dog Bailey, usually works at the Shizuoka Children’s Hospital, but today he went to the Shine On! House. When he arrived at the Shine On! House, five families were eagerly waiting to meet him. Each family had the opportunity to spend some quality time with him.

Mr. Sawai, the photographer of Bailey’s book, took photos for the families. Mr. Sawai has been taking cover photos of the Japanese magazine “Hiyoko club.” His photos were an amazing reminder of the families’ time with Bailey.

Tyler Foundation supports not only the children but also their families who are making an effort every day. Thank you very much to all the participants and the photographer Mr. Sawai.