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Kamaishi Newspaper Features the Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program

2012/02/12 04:47 Media Coverage, Shine On! Smile Ambassador, Shine On! Tohoku Children’s Support

The Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador, Gaetano Guy Totaro, was featured in an article published on January 25, 2012 (Wednesday) in the Fukko Kamaishi Shinbun, a local newspaper in the Tohoku Region. Below is our own English translation of the article. Guy is affectionately referred to as “Guy-san” by everyone he meets on his travels in the region and the journalist seems to have taken a liking to the nickname!

Children smile with magic and games

Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador visits nusry school

Kamaishi City

Guy-san (right) delights the children of Kamaishi nursery school with his magic

Guy-san (right) delights the children of Kamaishi nursery school with his magic

Gaetano Totaro – Guy, the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador, provides the opportunity for children to forget their worries through magic and games. On January 17, he visited 82 children and the principal of a nursery school in Kamaishi in Koshi-cho.

Having visited several times already, he is quite a popular guest now. On this visit, he performed a magic show and played games with the children.

One of the activites was a painting exercise in which the children rearranged basic shapes such as a circle, square, into their own image. In addition to being fun, this activity exercises children’s creativity. One of the children named _____(5 years old) drew a picture of himself taking shower by developing his idea from the picture of triangle and circle. He was delighted with the results and said, “I’m happy I could draw well. I also had fun playing with the parachute.”

Through the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program, large groups of children are being supported in the Tohoku region. Guy travels through various parts of the Tohoku region on a regular basis visiting places such as shelters and offers performance which helps in psychological recovery.
Guy told us “Smile is the best medicine. I want children to always remember smiling at anytime even in the difficulty of moving forward.”

The foundation is accepting requests from schools and kindergartens who would like to receive a visit. For more information, contact Ms. Keiko Fukumoto, Shine On! Smile Ambassador Coordinator at the foundation.
(E-mail: keiko@sokids.org)