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Shine On! House plays traditional Japanese games, a day of laughter

2012/02/03 15:18 Shine On! House

Today we had a lot of fun at the Shine On! House creating a unique toy and playing games nobody ever heard of before. Everyone’s eyes were sparkling with excitement for what they experienced for the first time.

First, everyone played Fukuwarai, roughly translated as Make-A-Face game. The adults closed their eyes while trying to place pieces of the face on Okame, a fictional and comical looking Japanese woman. There were plenty of round-shaped parts, so the adults seemed to be confused where to place them. Those who did not have their eyes closed were giving advice, but the outcome was very strange.

“Could this part be an eye?”

” No, that’s an ear ! ”

“Does it look like a mole ?”

“Well, it could also be an earring.”

Everyone had a good laugh.

We also had a lot of fun playing the original version of Sugoroku (similar to Snakes and Ladders) and Bear’s Hide-And-Seek.

After playing games, the children created their own original faces. They chose one sheet of paper for a face, and one child decided to do the cat theme. That child made four different types of cat pupils : daytime pupils, night pupils, shining pupils and heart-shaped pupils. Eight other long and thin parts became whiskers and eyebrows.

All of the children had great energy throughout the day! Thank you to all the children and their families for their participation.

Comments by the family joined us.

We all enjoyed playing Sugoroku ! We enjoyed making strange faces, and a person next to me patted me on the head… not a moment passed without laughing ! This year’s programme was a lot of fun as well, and we enjoyed everything we did at the event.

I always look forward to visiting the Shine On ! House before heading back home.