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Tohkai Shimpo featured Smile Ambassador in Kindergarten

2012/02/20 19:32 Shine On! Smile Ambassador

Shine On! Smile Ambassador (right) with special guest Jordan (left) 2012.02.12 Tohkai Shimpo

From one family member, “I was encouraged by the children having fun.” “It was interesting that I could learn English in amusing show.”

Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Smile Ambassador’s February visit to a nursery school in Ofunatto was featured in the Japanese newspaper, Tohkai Shimpo.  Our Smile Ambassador program has visited this nursery school several times and has fostered a strong relationship with the school. Children and their families greatly enjoyed the Shine On! Smile Ambassador’s performance in English.

The Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program serves not only to entertain children, but also empower, encourage and boost children’s confidence.