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Roger Berman Shines On! in 2013

2012/12/28 16:40 Challengers

Roger Berman will run in the 14th Tanigawa Mari Half-Marathon to raise money for the programs of Shine On! Kids.

Roger Berman

Place of Birth – Liverpool, U.K
Hobbies/interests – Running, cycling, pottery, mountain trekking
Self Introduction – 50 year old Brit. from Liverpool, have lived-in Japan longer than the UK! Started running in 2011 to stay healthy. My primary goal is to enjoy the running and finishing, irrespective of the time! Running methodology is “M.P.G.” meaning not, “miles per gallon” but “My Pace Ganbaru” (Going for it at my own pace).


Race Name – 14th Tanigawa Mari Half-Marathon
Kind of race – Half marathon
Race distance – 21 kilometres (13 miles)

Pre-Race Interview

Why your challenge is a challenge to you?

It is my first ever half marathon.

Why have you chosen to carry Team Beads of Courage with you on your challenge?

Helping others through running is an important motivation for me. Knowing that there are children who are facing life challenges which make my own running seem almost insignificant helps me to put my running into its proper perspective. That is what makes me run.

Do you have a message for your supporters?

Give what you feel you can, however small or large. This is an amazing cause.

Thank You, Roger Berman!

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