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Susan Griffen Shines On! in 2013

2012/12/28 12:25 Challengers

Susan Griffen, Karen Batista, Mark Ferris

Susan Griffen will run in the Tokyo Shine On! Marathon Challenge 2013 on February 24 (Sunday) to raise money for the programs of Shine On! Kids.


Name: Susan Griffen
Self Introduction: I love to run.
Date of Birth: October 4, 1960
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hobbies/interests: running/swimming/kayaking/did I say running?
Favorite Food: bread

Pre-Race Interview

Why have you chosen to run in the Tokyo Shine On! Marathon Challenge?

I have run the Tokyo Marathon every year since its inception in 2007.  As long as I am able I intend to continue running in support of the Tyler Foundation.  I love wearing the Bead of Courage and knowing that I’m sharing my experience with a child with cancer.  Running is my passion and I understand it’s a gift to be able to do it.  This year my husband Tim has been training with me and we plan to run together, please help us help the kids that need us!

Do you have a message for your supporters?

Thank you, clearly you understand that there is nothing more satisfying than helping a sick child feel better.

Thank You, Susan Griffen!

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  1. Julie Kirkwood says:

    Go Susan! I love your support and endurance!!!!

  2. Jane McDonald says:

    Have a great day, a great run and a great massage! You are a legend!

  3. Kim Forsythe says:

    You Go Girl!!!!!
    The Tyler Foundation LOVES you Susan!
    You are a star:-)
    Hope you have a great run on Sunday and keep thinking of those beads!

  4. Sally Ford says:

    Wishing you much success in your run Susan! XoXo 🙂

  5. Nancy Koritz says:

    Have a great run, Susan! Thank you for doing this.
    The Koritz Family
    Jacksonville, Florida