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Shine On! Pieroth

2013/08/01 12:29 Featured Sponsors

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“…a Japanese proverb says ‘…if you are looking for the source of the river Yoshino, you can find it in the drops of water on the moss…’ so join the other drops of water, then small streams that will make one of the largest rivers, a mighty river, which thanks to its power, will sweep the scourge of cancer.” – Laurent Faivre


Sponsorship History


2014ShineOn_151 2015 Ladies & Gentlemen Winemaker’s Event
November 21-23 – Over ¥5 million was raised through auctions, raffles, charity goods sales, and donations! Thank you, Pieroth!
To see more about the event, click here.


2014ShineOn_151 2015 Extravaganza in the Emerald City
Saturday, September 26 – Pieroth once again generously donated all of the wines and upgrade wines for dinner. Thank you, Pieroth, for bringing your wine all the way to Oz for guests!
To see that fantastic wine menu again, click here.


2014ShineOn_151 July to September 2015 Shine On! Kids Charity Campaign
Pieroth ran a campaign on their website with ¥100 per bottle of 3 Gerard Bertrand wines became a donation. Over 4,000 bottles sold during the campaign, making a grand total of ¥482,400 for Shine On! Kids.


2014ShineOn_151 2014 Luau Extravaganza another successful fundraiser thanks to Pieroth’s contributions!
Saturday, September 27 – Pieroth donated all of the wines and upgrade wines during the 4 course dinner. Guests enjoyed another perfectly matched meal thanks to Pieroth!
To see that fantastic wine menu again, click here.


L&G Winemaker 2013 2013 Ladies & Gentlemen Winemaker’s Event raises 511,000 JPY!
Friday and Saturday, November 22 and 23, 2013 – Pieroth assembled an international gathering of women and men leading the winemaking industry for a tasting, dinner and raffle at the Aoyama Robbin’s Club. Guest’s enjoyed a wonderful evening of food, fantastic wine and a fashion show by Carolina Herrera. A huge thank you to Pieroth and all of the representatives for their continued and generous support!
Read more here.


Shine On! Kids Pieroth Set 2013 Bond Extravaganza Set
Sold Out!
Get a taste of the Gala! This 5 bottle set features wines for our 2013 Bond Extravaganza. Get a set today which includes ¥5,000 worth of accessories to get into the Bond mood. For every set sold, ¥2,000 yen will be donated to Shine On! Kids. Thank you Pieroth!


201211 Pieroth Ladies In Wine 2012, November
Pieroth’s Ladies Winemakers’ event raised over 1 million yen! Not only was it a great event showcasing prominent female winemakers, the proceeds were dedicated to Shine On! Kids! Wow! Thank you Pieroth! Read a bit more about the event here.


201102 Pieroth Winner 2011, February
One lucky winner receives a bottle of the 2009 bottle of Panamera Chardonnay! Thank you Pieroth for the donation! Read the story here.


2009, June
Pieroth’s long and outstanding history of support, begins with personal and corporate values dedicated to making a difference. Learn more about Pieroth’s history of support by clicking here.