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Goal exceeded! Gabby’s “Mitzvah” project

2016/02/20 12:03 Featured Supporters, Fundraising Events

Thank you to everyone for making Gabby’s project a success! Shine On! Kids would like to especially thank Gabby’s family, the 47 online donors, all the students the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, and members of the Jewish Community Center.


Gabby with Kisses and Banda
Gabby with Kisses and Banda
Online donations
Sacred Heart “free dress” day
Beads and baked goods sales
Other donations
¥ 9,036

Grand total = ¥546,228 !!

Hi! I’m Gabby and working on raising funds and awareness for the Shine On! Kids Facility Dog Program for my Bat Mitzvah project in February. I consider myself so lucky that I have two great dogs; Kisses and Banda that like my best friends and are definitely part of our family! Since I couldn’t imagine my life without them I totally understand how important they are to other kids that are in the hospital.

I am having to study and learn a ton of Hebrew to get ready for my Bat Mitzvah; when I become an adult in the Jewish Religion and part of getting ready is doing what is called a “Mitzvah” project; or giving back to the community. I am actually so excited that I chose working with SOK for this project because it so typifies exactly what a “Mitzvah” is.

I chose SOK because of what they are doing to help kids in hospitals is so cool and as a 12 year old girl living in Tokyo I can really relate with the other kids in the hospital; sometimes for a long time with really bad illnesses.

My personal goal is to raise at least 400,000 JPY so that we all together can support a full 200 visits by the dogs to kids in the hospital! I know its a lot and I also know that it makes such a difference to the kids that we just have to do it! I will be doing bake sales, getting my friends involved and other fun-fundraisers along the way.

You can help make a true difference for these kids by making an online donation on this page from no matter where in the world you are. Just think HOW COOL it will be to make such a difference for the kids in the Japanese hospitals.

I am lucky enough to go to the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo and the school is also getting involved by helping raise money to help meet the goal by doing “free dress” days! I will be selling beads (part of Beads of Courage®) and even more at bake sales. The greatest part of this project is that there are so many people that want to make a difference I just know we can get to at least 400,000 JPY!

The part that I can’t wait it do is to help take care of Bailey and Yogi because at home its my job to give Kisses and Banda their bath ever week and I really love dogs…and aardvarks!

Its really easy to donate and make a difference! I hope all my friends, families and even people that I have never met donate so we can change these kid’s lives. As we say in Japanese “Gambatte”

Gabby Marcus


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