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Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Strings of Strength Volunteer Program

2015/05/26 12:30 Beads of Courage®, Featured Sponsors, Featured Volunteers

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Website Shine On! Kids provides emotional support to children fighting cancer in hospitals across Japan, through Beads of Courage©, an innovative arts-in-medicine program based around colorful bead craft. Previously, our program was available exclusively to children with cancer. But thanks to the support of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, one […]

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Ken Urashima

2011/11/23 08:05 Featured Volunteers, Shine On! Smile Ambassador

Ken-san has proved to be an invaluable asset to the Smile Ambassador program. His belief in the power of the program drives him to open more opportunities for us. His name and personal reputation has opened doors that were previously closed and he has given us credibility with the local population. Ken-san has introduced us to dozens of schools and daycare centers enabling us to interact with thousands of kids.

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Keiko Fukumoto

2011/10/17 14:42 Featured Volunteers

This past August we were looking for an Art Therapist to supplement our Shine On! Smile Ambassador Program. Keiko Fukumoto had no idea what she was getting herself into when she replied to our notice on Facebook, but she did know that she wanted to help the children of Tohoku.

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Dominic Allen

2011/07/22 15:23 Featured Volunteers

We are excited to present to you an interview with the one and only Dominic Allen, who has graciously agreed to volunteer as our DJ for our White Hot Extravaganza gala event to be held at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo on September 30th.

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Reina Mori

2011/07/16 15:24 Featured Volunteers

Here is an interview with our latest volunteer, Reina Mori, a student who is working with us during her summer vacation.

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