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Team Beads of Courage – Meet the members

Team Beads of Courage Cycling Ambassador Fumy Beppu

Since professional cyclist Fumy Beppu joined as our Cycling Ambassador in 2012, he has taken beads to his races all over the globe. From the 2012 Olympics, to the Giro d’Italia to the Tour of Oman. He has takenour beads hundreds of kilometers, up countless mountains, across oceans and back again. He is an inspiration to cyclists, Team Beads of Courage members and to the kids fighting in our programs. Shine On! Fumy!

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Individual Spotlight
A Shine On! kids’ supporters and multi-Shine On! Marathon runner

“Last year, during the marathon the weather was as bad as it could possibly be – just on the verge of snow – freezing cold – and I had my Bead of Courage. I was running the race and so miserable.” Susan thought about leaving the race and passing the Bead to (her husband) Tim, but knew the Bead had to finish the whole race. “But I literally thought then the Bead won’t finish the race. If not for the Bead, I wouldn’t have finished the race.” That’s what it’s all about. “Just kids. Helping kids. And families of kids. It’s got to be really hard on the families to have their kids going through such difficulty. Everyone with kids can relate – but then everyone can relate because they were kids once themselves.”

Team Spotlight
2012 Shine On! Norikura Riders 2013 – Japan – Half Fast Cycling
On July 27th and 28th, 50 Half Fast Cycling members and friends will ride up Norikura Mountain, Japan’s highest paved road. This annual event will be their fifth adventure and their fifth year raising much needed funds for Shine On! Kids. Members will be wearing Team Beads of Courage to keep them going as they cycle this challenging course. Thank you Half Fast Cycling! Be safe and Shine On!

Team Beads of Courage – TEAMS –

A huge thank you to these groups who give their support through their stories of perseverance and dedication. Thank you for taking beads on your journeys. Shine On!

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