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Sing For Japan!

The original video, “Who I Want To Be,” sung by Rie fu,
featuring Sakari Elementary School
In our Shine On! Songs Challenge, we challenged the global community to sing our song, “Who I Want To Be,” to Japan. It was a challenge to the world to give their strength and voices to country still recovering from the devastating earthquake and tsunami. The response was unbelievable.

More than 75 kids participated

generating 8 videos from around the world

that have been seen more than 1,500 times!

Wow! And there are more submissions on the way. Thank you to all of the participants, video editors, sound mixers, camera men and women and well wishers for the wonderful response!

Download the song to help the Tyler Foundation to SHINE ON!

From Greece

From Fujinomiya

From Australia

From Tokyo

From Tokyo

From Korea

From Luxembourg

From Australia

1 Comment

  1. jane mcmanus says:

    Well you should get some response – I’ve put it on my Facebook page and I do live in Wales!