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2020-01-22 Nishinihon Shimbun, “I’ve met Bailey!” (Online)

2020-01-23 Nishi-Nihon Shimbun, “Facility dog snuggles up to patients during hospitalization” (Online and Newspaper)

2020-01-24 My Navi, “Dogs working in hospitals? The Secrets of ‘Facility Dog’!” (Online) 

2020-03-03 Metropolis, Executive Fight Night X (Magazine & Online)

2020-04-01 BRUTUS Magazine, “It’s good to have a dog: Hospital Facility Dogs” (Magazine)

2020-04-23 Time Out Tokyo, “Shine On! Kids Virtual Bingo” (Online)

2020-05-01 InterFM, The Guy Perryman Show

2020-05-30 NHK ETV, “Paprika My Version – For Children in Hospital” (TV)

2020-07-04 m3.com, Interview with Mr. Seiki Hirobe, President of Tokyo Metropolitan Shringo General Medical Center (Online)

2020-07-23 InterFM, The Guy Perryman Show


2019-01 ACCJ: The Journal (January Issue), “Magic of Mardi Gras” (Magazine) 

2019-01 ACUMEN: British Chamber of Commerce (January Issue), “Mardi Gras Magic” (Magazine)

2019-04-23 Metropolis, Executive Fight Night IX (Magazine and Online)

2019-05-10 Asahi Shimbun Digital, “Support for Facility Dog’s Annie, Japanese Sake Launch” (Online)

2019-05-15 Mainichi Shimbun, “Facility Dog supports activities with the launch of Japanese sake” (Newspaper)    

2019-05-20 Asahi Shimbun, “Annie’s Sake is ready!” (Online)    

2019-05-26 NHK, “Special What Bailey and Yui taught me” (TV)    

2019-06 CHUSAI TIMES, “Annie Labeled Sake Launch” (Magazine)     

2019-06-13 The Chunichi Shimbun, “Healing Dog” (Newspaper)   

2019-06-30 Asahi Shimbun, “A child fighting the disease, smiling, interacting with the dog” (Newspaper)                                                                                     

2019-07-01 Rubber Times, “Yokohama Rubber Donates ¥500,000 to Support Seriously Sick Children” (Online)

2019-07-04 Gombohoji Newspaper, “Yokohama Rubber supports facility dog program” (Online)              

2019-07 CHUSAI TIMES, “Yogi Label Support Sake Unveiling” (Magazine)                                       

2019-07-23 Rugby Asia 24/7, Shine On Kids Rugby Extravaganza (Online)

2019-08-05 Nihon Keizai Shimbun, “Facility Dog at Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital” (Online)    

2019-08-05 NHK Metropolitan News, “What is a Facility Dog” (TV)      

2019 08-10 The Nihon Keizai Shimbun “Tokyo “Facility Dog” to cheer up sick children” (Newspaper)     

2019-08-23 The Mainichi Daily News, “The dog is always with me” (Newspaper)    2019-08-27 The Sankei Shimbun, “Childhood Cancer Patients Cheered with Beads” (Newspaper)     

2019-10 CHUSAI TIMES, “Participating in Ivy’s Inauguration” (Magazine)                                                        

2019-10-01 Nishi-Nippon Shimbun, “Dogs working in hospitals to cuddle with sick children” (Newspaper)    

2019-11-14 Asahi Shogakusei, “Supporting Ivy by drawing a picture” (Newspaper)      

2019-11-26 Mainichi Shimbun, “I want to fight the disease with my dog” (Newspaper)       

2019-11-29 Asahi Shimbun, “Child in a Hospital Bed, The Warmth of a Dog” (Newspaper)            

2019-12-11 Aviation Wire, “United flies from Narita to ‘North Pole’ with children battling illness” (Online)                                

2019-12-11 NHK NEWS WEB, “Children are taken on an airplane to meet Santa.” (Online)                     

2019-12-11 NHK Metropolitan News, “Children continue to be treated on an airplane to meet Santa.” (TV)

2019-12-11 Niconico News, “Shine On Kids launches first domestic facility dog project in Japan that conforms to international standards” (Online)         

2019-12-14 Asahi Shimbun, “A dog that will be there for you if you’re next to it” (Newspaper)                             

2019-12-14 Kanagawa Shimbun, “Bailey” (Newspaper)                                                                            2019-12-18 Daily Elementary School Newspaper, “Meet Bailey!” (Newspaper)               2019-12-26 NHK ETV, “Let’s PLAY! Foorin Band” (TV and Online)  


2018-01-01 Mainichi Shimbun “The story of a dog and a person is the same, a partner with a deep bond by my side (Part 1) Bailey who smiled” (Newspaper)

2018-02-01 FCA, Abarth “Challenge” (Online)

2018-02-09 TV Asahi, “Only 3 dogs in Japan … What is a” facility dog ​​”?” (TV)

2018-02-15, Mainichi Shimbun Online, “Facility Dog Exhibition 80 Photos with Sick Children Tokyo” (Online)

2018-02-18 Tooth Fairy News, “Facility dog ​​that gives courage and smiles to children fighting hard treatment” (Magazine)

2018-02-21 Mainichi Shimbun, “To the power of fighting illness” (Newspaper)

2018-04-27 Metropolis, Executive Fight Night Supports Shine On! Kids (Online)


2017-01-24 Chunichi Shimbun, “Reducing anxiety by interacting with dogs” (Newspaper)

2017-01-24 Tokyo Shimbun, “Reducing anxiety by interacting with dogs” (Newspaper)

2017-01-25 ALC Magazine, “I want to make my child smile” (Magazine)

2017-02-03 Sankei Shimbun, Understanding “Hospital Dogs” (Newspaper)

2017-02-07 Yomiuri Shimbun, “Promotion of dogs that support children with fighting illness” (Newspaper)

2017-2-08 Mainichi Shimbun, ” Daiarogu Tokyo Ayatoki I want to make children smile” (Newspaper)

2017-07-08 Mainichi Shimbun, “Because we are together, we were able to fight at the Children’s Hospital” Facility Dog “ (Newspaper)

2017-07-09 SBS Radio, “About Facility Dog 1” (Radio)

2017-07-10 Chusai Times, “Event to meet facility dogs again” (Magazine)

2017-07-16 SBS Radio, “About Facility Dog 2” (Radio)

2017-08-13 Yomiuri Shimbun, “Photobook of dogs supporting children with intractable diseases” (Newspaper)

2017-08-25 Mainichi Shimbun, “People who have experienced childhood cancer interact and talk about various encounters and dreams” (Newspaper)

2017-08-31 Yomiuri Shimbun, “Facility dog ​​Bailey for 4 years to snuggle up to a child with a fighting illness” (Newspaper)

2017-09-07 Charity Japan, “Join the party and support children fighting serious illness!”  (Online)

2017-09-13 NHK News, “Facility Dog Annie Inauguration” (TV)

2017-09-13 TBS News, “Facility Dog Annie Inauguration” (TV)

2017-09-13 NTV NEWS24, “Facility Dog Annie Inauguration” (TV)

2017-09-13 TVK News Kanagawa, “Facility Dog Annie Inauguration” (TV)

2017-09-14 Kanagawa Shimbun, “Annie takes over as a successor dog to the Children’s Medical Center” (Newspaper)

2017-09-14 Yomiuri Shimbun, “Welcome to Annie Children’s Medical Center for Patients’ Smiles” (Newspaper)

2017-09-14 Mainichi Shimbun, “Facility dogs appointed to snuggle up to sick children Prefectural Children’s Medical Center” (Newspaper)

2017-09-14 Asahi Shimbun “Facility dog ​​that heals 300 inpatients, a gentle helper, a new child medical center” (Newspaper)

2017-09-16 Sankei Shimbun, “Facility dog ​​Annie” (Newspaper)

2017-10-2, Marshea Shizuoka Daiichi Television, “Support for Facility Dog Red Feather Community Chest: Yogi Activities at Shizuoka Children’s Hospital” (TV)

2017-10-6 Rese Mom, “Jazz & Charity Evening, Shine On! Kids” (Online)

2017-10-11 Nippon TV Broadcasting, “Facility Dog Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center” (TV)

2017-10-16 Japan Times, “Shine On! Works its animal magic on kids facing tough times” (Newspaper)

2017-10-23 Docdog, “I went to the inauguration ceremony of the facility dog” Annie ” (Online)

2017-11-24 Kobunsha Women, “I did my best. Thanks to Bailey.” (Magazine)

2017-12-5 NicoNico News “Chris Froome, Albert Contador, Fumiyuki Beppu Signed Jersey Charity Auction Held” (Online)

2017-12-13 Nihon Keizai Shimbun, “Patient care in animals, spread in medical institutions” (Newspaper)

2017-12-14 Rakuten “Japan’s first facility dog” Bailey “will celebrate its 10th birthday” (Online)

2017-12-14 Shizuoka Shimbun, “Friends of Fighting Diseases Medical Facility Dogs as Picture Books Shizuoka, Kanagawa Children’s Hospital” (Newspaper)

2017-12-14 Mainichi Shimbun, “Bailey of the Prefectural Children’s Medical Center is a picture book, planned by former president Yasui and others, released today” (Newspaper)

2017-12-14 TVK News, “Facility dog ​​Bailey becomes a picture book” (TV)

2017-12-14 Retriever January Issue, “The third facility dog ​​is born in Japan” (Magazine)

2017-12-15 Tokyo Shimbun, “Publishing a picture book of dogs that encourages the hearts of young patients” (Newspaper)

2017-12-15 Mainichi Shimbun, “Thank you Bailey! Prefectural Children’s Medical Center 10th Birthday Party” (Newspaper)

2017-12-26 Asahi Shimbun, “The dog” Bailey “that heals sick children becomes a picture book” (Newspaper)


2016-01-20 Information Magazine for Nursing Students FLAP! Vol. 49 (Magazine)

2016-02-13 Asahi Shimbun, “Therapy Dogs – A Member of the Medical Team” (Newspaper)

2016-03-24 Josei Nana, “Animals that Work” (Magazine)

2016-05-18 Metropolis, “Sparring for Charity” (Online)

2016-06-07 SBS Radio Shizuoka, “Interview Yoko Morta, Facility Dog Handler” (Radio)

2016-06-07 SBS Radio Shizuoka, “Interview Yoko Morta, Facility Dog Handler” (Radio)

2016-07-02 Shizuoka Shimbun, “Introduction of activities at facility dog ​​photo exhibition Shizuoka / Sunpu Museum” (Newspaper)


2015-03-08 Shizuoka Broadcasting System TV News, “Ideas Worth Spreading” (TV)

2015-03-14 Retriever Magazine April 2015 Issue (Magazine)

2015-03-27 Cyclist, “Team Beads of Courage Shares the Challenge with Children Fighting Disease” (Magazine)

2015-03-27 Sankei Digital Co., Ltd , “Fumiyuki Beppu to share challenges for children fighting illness Team Beads of Courage” (Online)

2015-03-31 Cyclowired, “Fumiyuki Beppu gives courage to sick children through Team Beads of Courage” (Online)

2015-04-02 Cycle Sports, “Team Beads of Courage – Fumiyuki Beppu has Continued to be an ambassador for encouraging children with cancer and serious illnesses” (Print)

2015-04-2 Cycle Sports.jp, “Team Beads of Courage: Fumiyuki Beppu continues to be an ambassador to encourage children with childhood cancer and serious illness” (Online)

2015-04 Retriever magazine, Interview article with facility dog ​​handler Yuko Morita (Magazine)

2015-05-10 Shizuoka Shimbun, “I want a facility dog! A new” leader “Shizuoka Children’s Hospital” (Newspaper)

2015-06-1 Konokoto Summer Issue “Visit Facility Dogs” (Newspaper)

2015-06-30 FLAP! High School Student Edition Vol. 23, “Interview with handler Yuko Morita” (Magazine)

2015-07-2 Hawaiian Airlines In-flight magazine HANA HOU (Magazine)

2015-07-16 NHK BS Premium, “Big Group of Cute Pets” (TV)

2015-08-25 Mainichi Shimbun Kyoto Edition, “Facility Dog: Children with Fighting Diseases Working in Hospitals” (Newspaper)

2015-10-13 NHK Shizuoka, “New Handler Inauguration Ceremony” (TV)

2015-10-15 Tokyo YWCA Public Relations Paper, “Introducing Shine On! Kids Activities” (Magazine)

2015-10-16 Shizuoka Shimbun, “A new leader for facility dogs at Children’s Hospital” (Newspaper)

2015-10-15 Foundation Tokyo YWCA Public Relations Magazine Vol.10 (Magazine)

2015-10-15 NHK, “A New Handler Arrived” (TV)

2015-11-03 Shizuoka Shimbun, “New handler for facility dog ​​Keiko Suzuki” (Newspaper)

2015-11-08 Nihon Keizai Shimbun, “Incurable children, long-term to also consult other accommodation available / attending physician that does not suffer only home care, the burden lightly” (Newspaper)

2015-12-22 NHK, “A large gathering of pets – kawaii” (TV)

2015-12-26 Shizuoka Shimbun, “Isao Aoki Visits Prefectural Children’s Hospital, Gift of X-mass Shizuoka” (Newspaper)


2014-03-29 TBS Radio Saturday Morning Ichienta, “About Dogs That Work in Hospitals, Facility Dogs” (Radio)

2014-03-29 TBS Hippocratic Oath, “Healing and Encouragement Treatment Facility Dog Yogi ” (TV)

2014-03-29, TBS Radio, “Facility Dogs working in the hospital” (Radio)

2014-03-26 Chance Creator, “Interview with Facility Dog Handler Yuko Morita” (Online)

2014-06-20 Pediatric Nursing Magazine (July issue) “Role of facility dogs in pediatric medical practice” (Magazine)

2014-06-22 Shizuoka Shimbun, “Facility dogs that support patients” (Newspaper)

2014-06-23-26 Shizuoka TV, MAEMUKI Project of Hope (TV)

2014-07-01 Seiryu – August issue, “Facility dog ​​Yogi and handler working at Shizuoka Children’s Hospital” (Magazine)

2014-07-05 Shizuoka Shimbun Morning Edition, “This Person” (Newspaper)

2014-07-06 CBC TV/TBS, “Tabizukin-chan” (TV)

2014-07-27 Mainichi Shogakko Shimbun, “I Met That Person: Yuko Morita, Facility Dog Handler” (Newspaper)

2014-09-4 TBS, “Ippuku! – Yogi and handler” (TV)

2014-10-21 Yomiuri Shimbun, “Support for children with intractable diseases 150 km” (Newspaper)


2013-02 Health Publications, Pediatric Nursing, February Edition (Magazine)

2013-03-01 Town News, “Facility Dogs at the Heart of Care” (Newspaper)

2013-03-27 Asahi Shimbun, “Special Graduation Ceremony in the ICU” (Newspaper)

2013-04-01 Yomiuri Shimbun, “Mentally Helping Patients” (Newspaper)

2013-04-05 Asahi Shimbun, “Pediatric Patients` Stress Decrease” (Newspaper)

2013-04-14 Yomiuri Shimbun Morning Edition, Shizuoka Version, “Talking to the Patient Care Facility Dog Handler Seiichiro Minagawa” (Newspaper)

2013-04-19 InterFM, “What the Friday!?” (Radio)

2013-05 Japan Lampwork Society, Lampwork Quarterly Magazine LAMMAGA Vol. 23 (Magazine)

2013-05 Japan Companion Animal Association, Aigan Dobutsu No. 231, May 2013 Issue (Magazine)

2013-05-21 Asahi Shogakusei Shimbun, “Supporting Kids Fighting Disease” (Newspaper)

2013-05-24 SBS Shizuoka Radio, “Its Morning!” (Radio)

2013-07-18 Nihon Keizai Shimbun, “Cuddle Dog in the Support Mindset” (Newspaper)

2013-07-30 Shizuoka Fashion Culture (Magazine)

2013-08-06 NHK, “Facility Dog – Cuddling up to a Sick Child” (TV)

2013-08-19 NHK Ohayou Japan August, “Cuddling with Therapy Dogs for Patients` Anxiety” (TV)

2013-08-19 NHK Worldwide, New Bread of Therapy (TV)

2013-09-01 Shizuoka Kyoiku Shubbansha, Monthly Families October 2013 Issue (Newspaper)

2013-09-21 NHK Premium, “Big Group of Cute Pets” (TV)

2013-10-23 Shizuoka Shimbun, “Facility Dog Healing Effect Introduction Seminar in Suruga-ku” (Newspaper)

2013-10-23 Yomiuri Shimbun, “Finishers Send Power to Children Fighting Disease” (Newspaper)

2013-11-17 Asahi Shimbun Morning Edition Kanagawa Version, “Beads Exhibition in Naka-ku” (Newspaper)

2013-11-22 Shizuoka Shimbun, “Nyan to Wan Duffel Living” (Newspaper)

2013-12-01 Yomiuri Shimbun, “Live Talk – Send Smiles to Kids” (Newspaper)


2012-01-15 Nippon Television, “Meet Bailey, a therapy dog, and how to raise therapy dogs ​​in Hawaii” (TV)

2012-02-01 Yahoo! News, New iPad Storybook Supports Families of Children with Cancer (Online)

2012-02-08 PR Web, Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan” (Online)

2012-02-08 Rolling Stone Mexico, Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Children of the World” by Julien Lennon (Online)

2012-02-08 Yahoo! News, Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan” (Online)

2012-02-08 top40carts.com, Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan” (Online)

2012-02-08 dallasnews.com, Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan” (Online)

2012-02-13 bestdisneystore.com, Feature of Shine On! Songs Vol.1 “Lennon and Other World Class Artists Spread Joy to Children in Japan” (Online)

2012-02-27 Shizuoka Asahi Television “Extremely! Shizuoka – Introducing Bailey” (TV)

2012-02-28 TV Asahi Series Telementary, “Dog, Hospital and Children-Gifts from Bailey” (TV)

2012-08-09 Sankei Shimbun, “Hospital Facility Dog Bailey” (Newspaper)

2012-11-02 81.3FM J-WAVE, “Shine On! Kids Mariko Kodera” (Radio)

2012-12-01 NHK E-Tele, “Feature: Interview with Yuko Morita” (TV)


2011-01-23 Asahi Shimbun, “Beads that encourage children to fight illness” (Newspaper)

2011-01 Shizuoka Shimbun, “Beyond the Smile Series – January 1-6” (Newspaper)

2011-02-18 TV Asahi, “Super J Channel: Shine On Kids at Shizuoka Children’s Hospital” (TV)

2011-02-16 NHK News “Introducing the Beads of Courage program” (TV)

2011-02-27 iPad ‘N Gravy, “Man Runs the Tokyo Marathon With an iPad and Several iPhones (Online)

2011-03-02 Talking About iPads, “First runner to complete a marathon while wearing an Apple tablet” (Online)

2011-03-02 Radio Nippon, “Shine On! Kids Beads of College Program” (Radio)

2011-06-05 Japan Inc. “Terrie’s Take – Believers in Japan’s Health System” (Online)

2011-07-06 Daily Yomiuri, “SCRUM DOWN / Talking the talk for charity” (Online)

2011-07 Japan Partners Against Pain® Magazine (July Issue), “The Tyler Foundation for Childhood Cancer” (Magazine)

2011-08-24 Iwate Nippo, “Energetic Singing Voice Delivered to the World” (Newspaper)

2011-09-26 Metropolis, “Green Stretch – Flex Up Your Charitable Intentions” (Online)

2011-09-26 Japan Today,Servcorp donates Y12.8 mil to Tyler Foundation program to support children in Tohoku” (Online)

2011-10-07 Metropolis “Kim Forsythe and Mark Ferris talk about Shine On! Songs – New CD to Benefit Kids with Cancer” (Online)

2011-10-01 BCCJ ACUMEN, “Children’s Cancer Charity Event Raises Millions” (Magazine)

2011-11-02 Inter-FM, “Guy Perryman Show: Mark Ferris of Tyler Foundation CD Shine On!” (Radio)

2011-11-11 Iwate / Tokai Shinpo , “Mental care through interaction” (Newspaper)

2011-12-03 FM Shizuoka “K-MIX”, Intweview with Yuko Mortia (Radio)

2011-12-03 FM Tachikawa, “Something Good: Featuring Shine On! Songs CD” (Radio)

2011-12-08 Metropolis, “Shine On! Songs Volume One – The Tyler Foundation’s compilation strives to bring hope to children in trouble” (Magazine)

2011-12-24 Nippon Television, “Miracle Animal Story” (TV)

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