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2007 Entertainment Extravaganza

2007/11/08 23:00 Celebrity Dinners, Extravaganzas

On November 8th, 2007, the Tyler Foundation held its gala fundraising event, the Entertainment Extravaganza 2007 Celebrity Dinner at The Westin Tokyo.

Our celebrity guests included:

Photos by Martelle Slabbert

The whole tuna! The sake! The games (we couldn’t get everyone to stop playing the games!). As promised, not your usual gala dinner. Our celebrities were great - so, so friendly, witty, and at times (ummmm Fumy Beppu discussing cycling wear) spicy! And we had a very special guest pop in at the last minute - Atsuya Furuta, former player-manager of the Yakult Swallows. How great to have the support of truly famous people in the Japanese community!

Ms. Satomi Funaki’s talk with photos from the hospital really brought it all home and showed the audience WHY the Tyler Foundation is so, so necessary.

Just a superb night with the perfect balance of fun, fundraising and awareness raising! Thank you to everyone who joined and supported us.

Celebrity Guest Interviews