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Tokyo Shine On! Marathon Challenge 2011

2011/02/27 23:00 Sporting Events

Tokyo Shine On! Marathon Challenge 2011

The Tokyo Shine On! Marathon Challenge 2011 was held on February 27 (Sunday).

Another year, another great marathon in Tokyo! We were blessed with clear blue skies.

The runners carried a very special bead during their challenge that will go to a child fighting cancer. Through the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! Beads of Courage Program we hope that the beads our runners carried will give the children a boost of encouragement when they most need it.

We extend an extra thanks to our runners who helped us raise money for the Tyler Foundation’s Shine On! House, a complete support facility near the National Center for Child Health and Development (NCCHD) in Tokyo that provides everything from child care for siblings to emergency accommodations to a variety of weekly classes for patients.

Runner Pledges
Antuvan Dindisyan
Daniel Seite

Carrying the two beads to the finish line helped me tremendously. I kept repeating, “I can do it, I can finish and I will get these ‘Beads of Courage’ past the finish line!”

Dave Brewer 25,000
Ed Pockney 235,348
Jane Mcdonald

If someone had told me I would run a marathon, and actually have fun, I would have told them they were crazy! Well, maybe I’m a bit crazy because it was a fantastic day. After spending hours obsessing about the weather forecast and what to wear, it was a spectacular day for runners, spectators and volunteers alike. I wore the ‘Beads of Courage’ with pride, and a little trepidation, as I really didn’t know how I would perform in my first marathon. There were a couple of times I needed to pull myself together to keep going, which I did by touching the beads around my neck. Having thousands of people shouting “Ganbare, Fight Fight” also helped a bit too! I can’t really explain the feelings as I crossed the finish line, and beyond. I do remember pumping the air with my fists and maybe letting out a couple of whoops of joy. Perhaps the official photos will tell a different story though! Thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged this effort, and for all the wonderfully generous donations. Thank you to my family who put up with long weekend training runs, long weekend afternoon naps and for supporting me out on the course. I really feel proud, thankful and lucky to have participated in such an amazing event. It was my pleasure and honor to support the Tyler Foundation.

Jason Bonitsky 41,300
Jennifer Shinkai

My marathon experience was full of fun and sunshine! I took it very easy, walked a lot and stopped to cuddle my toddler at several locations. 5h35m was way beyond my target time but to finish was my initial goal.

Running for the Tyler Foundation and wearing my Beads of Courage gave me extra impetus to carry on as I knew a lot of people would be very interested to hear my results. I would recommend everyone running Tokyo Marathon next year to get involved to help make some families lives a little brighter.

Joseph Nixon 45,000
Joseph Tame

The 2011 Tokyo Marathon was an experience I’ll never forget. Running the 42km carrying the ‘iRun’ – a special live-streaming video rig featuring 6 mobile phones, an iPad, 3 pocket wifi routers, a large collection of batteries, a banana and two Beads of Courage – was a lot tougher than I’d anticipated. Not only was there the additional weight, but also the non-stop talking required to entertain the many thousands of viewers we had watching live and sending in messages of support via Twitter.

The support received during this challenge, both from the online viewing public and from the supporters there on the day was overwhelming. I got a lot of strength from the shouts of ‘Ganbare!!’ by those lining the streets, from the cheers and applause by customers and staff when making an impromptu speech in the Ginza Apple store halfway along the route, and from the cheerleading squad who (unbeknownst to me) decided to adopt my cause at the 35km mark.

Carrying the Beads of Courage gave me a lot of strength too, a reminder that no matter how hard my fight, there are others here in Japan fighting a lot harder – and I was running with them by my side.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped make this possible – our amazing studio team, my co-runner Phil who carried bits and bobs for me when changing batteries, support/mobile broadcast teams on the road, the crowds along the route, the TV camera crews who supported us throughout, and the thousands of people who tuned in to watch.

Big thanks also to those who donated to the Tyler Foundation, very much appreciated.

Mark Law 153,200
Total: 1,417,723